“No news is good news…right?”

This was a statement I heard from multiple parents who currently serve as Grade Level Representatives during a recent meeting with Lower School Administration.

My first inclination was to agree and embrace the moment, but I quickly realized making that assumption would do nothing for our growth process here in Lower School. I found myself wondering:

  • Is everything really going so well that there are no concerns to discuss?
  • If everything is going that well, why aren’t people sharing the good news and the specifics about what is making their experience a positive one?
  • How do we shift the culture to one where people feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback – both strengths and areas for growth?

“All effective and engaging learning experiences provide frequent and meaningful feedback. Without feedback on whether or not one is getting closer to a goal, progress is unlikely.”- Author Unknown

Do you have news to share?

  • positive relationships or interactions with faculty or staff members;
  • strengths or areas for growth in our curriculum;
  • communication breakdowns or breakthroughs;
  • new plans for next year;
  • or general comments or questions;

We want to hear your stories!

Please follow this Doodle Scheduling link  to sign up for a time on Conference Day, Jan. 31, to stop in and share your stories directly with me. I would LOVE to hear the good news so we can ensure these things continue to happen, but I also want to hear about areas where we need to improve. As I have stated in a previous post, “Our children, and their future, depend on the work we do every day. We need to get it right!”

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