Our fifth graders were treated to High Tea courtesy of Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Fesko, Mrs. Kendall, and Mrs. Elliott during their social studies class this week.  The students learned about different customs and traditions from the United Kingdom and enjoyed tea and some tasty treats.  All the students were polite and kind, but one student made such an impression on the moms by going up to each one of them, looking them in the eyes, and thanking them individually for taking the time to put the event together.  We are proud of Alex McNeil for the respect he showed!

First grade student Ellie League came up to Mrs. DeJoy last week to tell her something nice that Emerson Hayworth did. He helped her to clean up a game that she had played with someone else. The other person had already left to get ready for lunch, but they had forgotten to put the game away. Emerson saw a person who needed help, and went right to work to help her. She said he was “showing compassion.”  Way to go, Emerson!

Pre-Kindergarten students Thomas Trethewey and Audrey Kalorin both extended a hand to a friend on the playground this week. That friend had gone to sit quietly against the trunk of a tree, and before Mrs. Dickson could even get to her to see what she needed, both Audrey and Thomas left their existing play and reached out (literally) to invite her to join in play. Mrs. Dickson shared that it was a lovely gesture of friendship and enjoyed seeing the respect and compassion displayed.

Fourth grader Julianna Rogers recently spent her Saturday afternoon helping Mrs. Price at a pet adoption event at Petsmart in Brier Creek. They were handling dogs for people to look at for possible adoption. Julianna is also planning a fundraiser in her neighborhood for this adoption group (Best Friends Pet Adoption). She has done other fundraising events for animals as well, which shows compassion and responsibility.

Another fourth grade student Coley Jackson showed dedication and responsibility for her learning when she went out of her way to ask for work that would challenge her. Ms. Childrey loves to see her students pushing themselves and never taking the easy way out!

First graders in Ms. Crawford’s class took some time recently to reflect on the Character Tree traits in writing, and I thought you would all enjoy the Character Glossary made by Francie Rogers and Asher Sontag.

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