All Lower School students participated in a super, secret surprise for our Middle and Upper School students on Valentine’s Day that demonstrated their ability to Lead Self, Lead with Others, and Change Their World.  Every student wrote a message on a heart that was delivered (thanks to our students in Extended Day) to the “big kids'” lockers so they would be greeted with a positive note to begin their school day.  What a wonderful example of how our community can work together to make a positive impact!  Huge thanks to Dr. Harper who came up with this fantastic idea!

Second grader Skyler Riley showed respect for our school property and took responsibility for keeping it clean.  Last week, while leaving the cafeteria, she spotted trash left on the floor under a table by another student from another class.  Without being asked, she took it upon herself to quietly pick it up and take it to the trashcan.  Many students leave quite a mess at their seats and under tables.  Mrs. Clark was proud to see her take the initiative to clean up someone else’s mess. Way to go, Skyler!

First graders Anna Bures and Ben Hodges demonstrated compassion by making sure a visiting student felt included and a part of one of our first grade classes. They included the visitor in their conversations, work, and play.  It is hard being in a new environment with people you do not know, but Anna and Ben made this visitor feels as if they had been in Mrs. Bever’s classroom the whole year.

We would like to congratulate Anne Brown, Nik Gudmundsson, Luke Law, Hank Nelson, and Leo Wu for winning a 4th place team trophy for Ravenscroft in the K-5 section of the Wake County Scholastic Chess Championship.  This was an outstanding performance in a field of 72 players and 13 teams in this very competitive section.  We also commend the strong individual performances of our K-5 players that led to this trophy as well as the good results achieved by Timmy Jones who was our only Ravenscoft player in the K-3 section.  This tournament broke all previous attendance records with a total of 215 players competing in grades K-12. Their dedication and hard work has certainly paid off!

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