The following message was sent to me before the Winter Break from 4th/5th grade assistant Mrs. Whitehouse:

I wanted to let you know about a group of 4th grade girls that definitely “changed my world today!”  Ms. Childrey had a few girls that were totally caught up with their work, and she offered them the chance to help with a couple of projects I had.  Well they did an awesome job!  They were joined by 4 other girls during the Skills time period that wanted to help my project move even further along.  A few of them gave up their recess time because they didn’t want to stop before the project was done! Coley Jackson, Emma Baker, Alexis Avery and Emerson Replogle started it all and then were joined by Adrianna Kerner, Jane Atkeson, Ines Roura and Kelly DavisThanks to these wonderful 4th graders, I was able to get 3 projects done and this gave me the time I needed today to work on the 5th grade animal books.  Well done, 4th graders!

This week, as third graders we were getting up from their lunch tables in the dining hall, there was one table that was left with a ton of trash! Lindsey Barrett was responsible enough to pick up the trash without even being asked. Mrs. Mark observed this and thought this was not only responsible, but also respectful to the man who cleans up after each group of students. Thank you, Lindsey!

Pre-kindergarten student, Silas Lane, showed a simple act of compassion to one of his fellow students this week when a crayon was dropped and he noticed it was under the table and got it and gave it back to his friend! Way to go, Silas!

I would like to say thanks to our second grade students for their respectful behavior on a recent field trip to visit Wells Orthodontics. I was so proud of all of you when I received the following message from Dr. Wells:

I just wanted to let you both know what a fantastic group of little Ravens visited our office today.  They truly were the sharpest group that has come through yet (sometimes answering questions before I even had a chance to ask them…anticipating the next step and line of reasoning every step of the way), and we’ve now done field trips with 9 different schools in Raleigh!  They were polite and well-spoken while at the same time energetic and inquisitive.  They are certainly all learning to incorporate their positive character traits seamlessly into their moral fiber!  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help educate your kiddos on techniques to achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile! The number of firm handshakes with eye contact alone deserves recognition:-) I always make hand shaking 101 a part of my orthodontic treatment, but they are ready for the 400 level course:-)


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