Recently, a first grader, Greta-Kate Baker, came to school very teary, as her dog had just passed away that morning before school. The class talked about it and read Dog Heaven together. Children shared many stories of sadness at various “pet-passings” they had experienced. Greta-Kate took home the Courage Lion, for braving it through a tough day and demonstrating her courage. Then, the next morning when he got to school, Michael Telep presented Greta-Kate with a bouquet of daffodils “to make her feel better because of losing her dog.” What a great way to demonstrate compassion and show he was thinking about Greta-Kate and understanding how sad she felt, even outside of school hours!

Mrs Price was walking back from dropping her students off at Spanish last week and observed a first grader, Madison Lucien picking up a piece of trash and then bringing it to Coach Long as she was walking the track in PE. She didn’t know anyone was watching, and she wasn’t asked by anyone to pick it up. Mrs. Price was so proud of Madison for showing responsibility and respect for our school.

I would also like to acknowledge Mrs. Bednarz’s second grade class for the respect they showed Mrs. Poole who recently substituted in their classroom.  She wrote the kindest note after her time with them:

Your class was great today.  Really well behaved.  They listened well and stayed on task.  They even thanked me for subbing at the end of the day! Jake Wydick did something very sweet – he was sitting on a small stool while I was reading the Eve Bunting book and Bennett wanted to sit on one too.  He looked around and couldn’t find another small one that wasn’t being used, so Jake gladly gave up his seat for Bennett and sat at his desk.  So sweet!

Way to go, second graders and Jake!

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