We have been working hard to run an efficient carpool line and have asked our students to help with this process by being quiet, listening for their names, and knowing where to be when their car pulls up.  Third grade student Olivia Barefoot has been a super star at carpool and has taken our challenge of leading self and being responsible to heart.  Before her name is even called, she can be found at the cone that her car will pull up to and this shows she is listening to us and she respects the rules for afternoon dismissal. Thank you, Olivia.

This week, First grade students Jane McNeill and Jason Butters put their lunchboxes down on the porch beside the playground and were just getting ready to take off running out to the playground.  They realized the second graders were passing by as they were on their way to the Dining Hall for lunch.  Mrs. Davis watched as Jane and Jason stopped and waited for every single second grader to pass by before they ran across the porch for their recess time.  She was so impressed with their respect and consideration!

Another first grade student James Parker shared a story about how he is able to earn money at home while the class was counting money during math time.  James reported that he earns money for doing certain chores at home each week.  He earns some money that he is able to spend, some money that goes into savings, and then he puts aside another part of the money he has earned to share with someone or some group that “needs it.”  James was so proud of his choices and is definitely showing compassion each week as he saves part of his earnings to share with others.  Wow!  That’s a lesson that we can all learn from!

Kindergartner Will Eichler showed compassion to a new student, Alex Wang, on the playground. Will saw that Alex was playing basketball by himself, so he decided to play with him. At the end of the basketball game, Will taught the other student to say, “Good game!” (Alex is just learning English). A few minutes later, Alex decided to “pay it forward.” Another student was crying because he wanted a turn on the tire swing, so Alex showed compassion by letting him have a turn. Claire Dillon and Addisyn Rhodes saw this, and they followed Alex’s example by sharing the tire swing with two other students who also wanted turns. I love the circle of impact!

I was so impressed  with fourth grade students Thomas Barker, Hale Roberts, and Harrison Brown this week when they asked if they could interview me for a newsletter article they were writing about the NCAA tournament.  They scheduled the appointment with Mrs. King, came prepared and organized with thoughtful questions, displayed great manners and maturity, and worked well as a team.  I couldn’t help but feel somewhat nostalgic talking about my own basketball career and the great memories I had playing in the Big Dance! Well done, Thomas, Hale, and Harrison for demonstrating all the Character Tree traits in your actions and words during our time together.

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