We are all striving to raise our children to be their best selves so they can be successful in life and make a positive difference in our society.

If we are encouraging and supporting our children to be their best selves, as parents, we must also aim to be our best selves.

Our children’s beliefs, values, and actions are shaped by what we model for them due to the important role we play in their lives.

Do our words, behaviors, and habits match what we want our children to imitate?

“In order to be your best self, you need to know your whole self.”

During a recent Community Conversation Parent Workshop: Self Discovering: Dismantling Biases, that was hosted by the Cousar Empowerment Institute here at Ravenscroft, a group of parents were challenged to identify some of their own biases and work to dismantle them.

As defined during the workshop, a bias as it pertains to diversity is an inflexible positive or negative conscious belief about a particular category or group of people.

To know our whole selves, we need to stop and listen to what we are thinking and saying so we can identify the biases that may exist within us, and that are potentially being passed on to our children.

If our children and our society are going to thrive in the future, we must all learn to embrace, appreciate, and celebrate the differences that exist among us. We must learn to avoid making generalizations that are often based on stereotypes, and get to know each other as individuals so we understand the unique gifts each one of us has.

Please join us at the next Parents Supporting Diversity and Inclusivity (PSDI) social on Wednesday, April 10, 6:30-8:00 p.m., in the Library & Technology Center to expand your own definition of diversity and learn more about how and why diversity and inclusion relate to your child and their experience here at Ravenscroft.

Image from: http://www.wileyvalentine.com/blog/2012/06/07/be-your-best-self/

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