We have recently received some questions about Ravenscroft’s position on the Common Core Standards that are being implemented in our nation’s public schools.  I want to provide clarity on this issue so everyone in our community is fully informed when engaging in conversations about this topic.

  • We have no plans to adopt the Common Core Standards.
  • We are researching the standards so we are knowledgeable and informed about the expectations for the nation’s public schools.
  • As an independent school, we make independent decisions regarding curriculum and seek to align with principles of good practice based on research and in conjunction with our mission.
  • We will continue to have high standards for our students and base our curriculum on the needs of our population.
  • We are an independent school that has full rights over our student data and information and this would never be comprised.

I encourage anyone who has any questions or concerns to contact me or Colleen Ramsden directly.

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