On the playground this week,  Lilja Gudmundsson and Amber Stiefel recognized that a fellow second grader was alone, sad, and not playing on the playground at recess.  They thoughtfully invited that student to join them and included her in their play.  Mrs. Clark was very proud of their compassion, awareness, and sensitivity to take action to prevent someone feeling left out. Thank you, Lilja and Amber!

During a recent Kindergarten birthday celebration,  Mrs. Rodruan noticed that the class was one cupcake short.  Emma Idler and Haley Browne immediately volunteered to share the last cupcake so their classmates would not be disappointed.  The girls displayed such a positive spirit, and everyone in the class was able to enjoy the special birthday treat. Way to go, Emma and Haley!

As Montana and Kai Ramakrishnan were leaving campus one day this week, they came across the big turtle pictured below. He was hanging out in the road by the creek right before the Head of School’s residence.  Montana and his mom placed a few orange cones around him while they tried to find someone to help move him.  Woody from the maintenance department came armed with a pitchfork and a grabber.  He very gently maneuvered “Snappy” onto the pitchfork and took him down to the creek for a swim.  “Snappy” seemed ready for a dip and swam around a little.  Montana and Kaia were very happy that they were able to keep “Snappy” safe.  His claws were quite big and he did live up to his name by taking a little snap at the grabber. All involved showed great respect for this beautiful creature and had a positive interaction with nature.

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