“Ms. Holly, I mean Mommy, I want to show you something.”

“That’s not the way Ms. Holly does it. You are doing it wrong.”

“Ms. Holly taught me to sit with my hands in my lap and wait until everyone has their food before I eat mine.”

Ms. Holly is my daughter’s teacher, and as you can imagine from the sampling of our daily conversations, Ms. Holly is a huge part of my daughter’s life and is making a positive impact on her educational journey even at the early age of 3.

There is no doubt in my mind, and thankfully research supports my personal opinion, that TEACHERS are the most important factor for student achievement in school.  A teacher’s ability to establish respectful relationships, make learning meaningful to the students’ lives, and deliver instruction in an efficient and effective way, will largely determine whether the student’s school experiences are positive, and ultimately academically successful.

As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, it is with great pride and respect that I acknowledge the amazing Ravenscroft teachers in Lower School.  We are blessed to have one of the finest groups of teachers in the country who are committed, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable about their craft.

I encourage all of us to take time to reflect on the positive impact these educators are having in the lives of our children.

  • Who can name a teacher who has helped their child overcome a fear, obstacle, or challenge?

  • Can you think of a teacher who has spent time with your child after school hours to support them in an area where they were experiencing some difficulties?

  • Do you know a teacher who has challenged your child and identified areas of strength where they needed enrichment?

  • Has a teacher made your child feel known, cared for, and in control of their environment?

Please share your stories with our community by commenting on this blog post and publicly acknowledging your appreciation for the work our Lower School faculty does for our children on a daily basis.



Image from: http://pinterest.com/lmarshall1389/teaching-quotes/

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