The following is a guest post from fifth grade teachers Rachel Newton and Barbara Paul who recently traveled to Moore, Oklahoma to deliver a U Haul full of books, games, and other much needed materials for schools devastated by the tornadoes in May.

“A frog in a well does not know the great sea”

Our recent trip to Moore, Oklahoma brings this African wisdom to mind.  Everyday we have opportunities, large and small, to step beyond our own comfort zones in order to connect with the greater world.

We went to Oklahoma hoping to help fellow teachers whose lives had been devastated by the tornadoes that ripped through their community in May.  Indeed, we were the ones blessed time and time again by the genuine goodness of people along our journey.  People whose very lives modeled the transformative “power of one.”

The “ power of one” can generate the connection of many.  You just never know who the ripples in the water will touch.  If we can encourage our children to live daily with open hearts, full of compassion and gratitude, we can empower them to lead themselves, to lead others, and in turn, together we can change the world for the better.  We are humbled to have been a small part of Ravenscroft’s 150 year legacy of service.  Our lives are more enriched by our journey and those we connected with along the way.

  • Thank you, Ed and Sandy (former Ravenscroft faculty member), for your unbridled carpe diem spirit. Anderson, S.C.

  • Thank you for your prayers for road mercies, Mae.  Tupelo, Miss.

  • Thank you for your guidance, Abbey.  Tupelo, Miss.

  • Thank you for your inspirational courage, Little Rock Nine. Central High School, Ark.

  • Thank you for your gracious hospitality, Uncle Mel and Aunt Regina. Little Rock, Ark.

  • Thank you, Andrea Stewart, for the creative gifts you bring to education.  Bethany, Okla.

  • Thank you for your compassionate leadership, Susie Pierce (Superintendent of Moore Schools). Moore, Okla.

  • Thank you, Ginger Tinney and the Professional Oklahoma Educators (POE) staff for your dedication to Oklahoma educators and the children they teach.

  • Thank you, Paul and Portz families for reminding us of the importance of honoring those who came before us and Aunt Joanne who cared enough to make a homemade angel food cake, just because. Marissa, Ill.

  • Thank you, Jennifer (former Ravenscroft student), for reminding us about the joy of serendipity.  Asheville, N.C.

Thank you, Ravenscroft for believing and allowing us “to choose to dwell in possibility.”

-Emily Dickinson

 We are grateful.

Mrs. Paul and Mrs. Newton with Moore Superintendent

Barbara Paul and Rachel Newton– Fifth Grade Teachers

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