I was so impressed by all our pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students last week.  They showed great COURAGE on the very first day of school by walking into their new classrooms full of pride and joy–not a tear was shed in the entire building!  Many students were even dropped off at carpool and were able to walk all the way to their building without their parents.  It can be scary starting a new school and meeting new friends, but these students showed on the very first day of school the type of leaders they plan to be all year–confident, independent, and joyful! Way to go, PK/K students!

I would also like to thank our 5th grade students for the RESPECT they showed me and Mrs. Stapleton when we spoke to them last Thursday about our high expectations for them this year.  All 84 students sat quietly and intently listened as we challenged them to stand tall this year.  They took to heart our reminder about the power of one and how our words and actions have the potential to impact others in a positive or negative way–it’s up to the individual to decide the impact they have on their world.

Please join me in thanking the entire Lower School faculty and staff for the SPIRIT and DEDICATION they demonstrated during these last two weeks as they prepared to welcome all our Ravens back to school.  They worked hard to make their spaces inviting and came together as a community to plan lots of different ways to make sure all Lower School students felt welcomed. We are blessed to have such talented and passionate educators learning and growing with our children.

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