The past two weeks have been exciting ones in Lower School as all students in PK-5 participated in “launch lessons” to kick off our work on leadership and citizenship.  Each grade level designed a powerful, hands-on experience that engaged students in learning about self-awareness.  These experience will become touchstones for the teachers to refer to throughout the quarter as students learn more about what it means to lead self. 

Kindergarten students, parents, and teachers showed their Spirit on Wednesday when they participated in our leadership retreat day. They listened well, worked cooperatively with others, and kept smiles on their faces despite the heat.  We all had fun and learned a lot–our two goals for the day.

Pre-Kindergarten student Phillip Sugar has extended himself on two occasions this week. Our little Raven was Compassionate and responded immediately to come to the aid of a friend who fell on the playground. Phillip also showed Responsibility and helped two friends respond appropriately to the ringing bell calling an end to recess. He made sure to return to his two buddies and encourage them to join the gathering group. Way to go, Phillip!

Third grader Jake Wydick displayed Respect on the field trip to the Poe Center on Thursday. He was an attentive listener and an active participant. He was Responsible for his own learning while listening to the speakers. Jake was a model Ravenscroft third grader!

First grader Hunter Harris had a superb day last Tuesday.  He really showed excellent examples of leading self by lining up quietly and immediately putting his “quiet signal” on trying to help those around him follow in his footsteps. He was showing great Respect to the community learning space as the class passed by multiple classrooms on the way to specials,and he did not even make a peep! His actions had a great influence on his peers who all noticed and tried to match his behavior. Ms. Crawford was so proud of him and the choices he made!

Second grader Greta-Kate Baker earned a Character Tree sticker last week for holding the door for one of our custodians.  Her class was on their way to Spanish, and she very politely held open the door for him to pass through.  Great-Kate showed great Respect for this community member, recognizing the important job he does on a daily basis to keep our learning spaces clean.

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