Our pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students are showing Spirit, Compassion, and Respect during their Free Art time with Mrs. Pepe.  Lots of friends are helping each other in so many ways – they share ideas, suggestions for problem solving, and lend a helping hand with things like cutting yarn and using the tape dispenser.

Second grade student Chloe Fox  demonstrated Courage in PE by standing up to her classmates when they were teasing another student in the locker room.  The girls were getting dressed after swimming and they began to tease another girl.  Chloe immediately told everyone that it was not nice to tease her and they should stop.  Way to stand tall, Chloe!

Second grader Eric Sueiras helped “Change Mrs. Fortlouis’  World” by cleaning up the art room without being asked! Thank you, Eric, for being a good citizen!

During the third grade aerodynamics unit in art, when students learned how to make kites, Christopher Castillos followed all the complicated directions perfectly. On Kite day, Christopher’s kite flew the highest! Way to show Leading Self, Christopher!

Third grade student Luke Yoon goes straight to a piano lesson from violin class, which means he has his violin, music binder, piano music and a lunch box.  So that he can get to his piano lesson and eat lunch in a timely fashion, Alex Richmond and Jordan Hughes regularly take his violin and binder of violin music back to the classroom for him.  Not only does this show their Compassion and Respect for him, but it also shows Luke’s Dedication to music (especially considering he then has Lower School Orchestra on Tuesday after school!)

Fourth grade student Lily Tyler has stayed after 3:00 the last two library visits without being asked and has taken Responsibility for straightening up the library, including putting away materials and pushing in chairs. Thanks, Lily!

After choir had been dismissed on Thursday, three students stayed behind the class as everyone was hustling out to carpool. They checked the choir folders and organized them for the entire group- all 67 folders!  Ellie Roberts, Bryn McNabb, and Kaela Spainhour stayed behind the group to make sure all folders were returned to the correct bin and turned with spines out so they could be easily accessed next week for rehearsal.  How impressive!  (There were no students left to notice their efforts or thank them, not even Mrs. Bolin.)  What an awesome way to be Responsible and Lead with Others!

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