Second grade teacher, Ms. Lane, shared the following uplifting stories about three of her students that I thought you would all enjoy:
Jackson Wickline – When it was time to clean-up after our first “inside” recess of the year, many children were not cleaning as quickly as needed for our transition to Spanish.  Jackson had already cleaned his Lego area.  He recognized that many children had lined-up at the door but left a mess in the arts/crafts area.  Without being asked Jackson “lead self” and began the task of cleaning an area in which he had not even played.  Other children noticed Jackson’s efforts and also began to clean – “leading with others.”  This of course, “changed my world!”
Ciara Kennedy – Displayed the character tree trait of DEDICATION by going above and beyond on her homework assignment.  She was the only student to bring in additional information (which had been suggested) on that particular assignment.  She showed her dedication for learning by completing extra work in her practice with money.  Bravo for the bonus work!
Emerson Hayworth – Today when another student was quite disappointed in her performance during poetry recitation, Emerson displayed a great deal of COMPASSION for this child. Before I could really react, Emerson silently got a box of tissues to give her.   While the other children seemed to not know what to make of the situation (this is normally a very “together” and confident student), most of them just stared in surprise, Emerson certainly knew how to support her.  I was quite moved by his genuine kindness.
Third grade student, Connor Kowalczyk, took initiative and showed how RESPONSIBLE he was for his own learning by inviting former City Mayor, Paul Coble to come and speak to his third grade class.  His class was completing research about the local government and Connor knew just how to bring this learning to life.  He reached out and invited Mr. Coble to speak to his class and share information about his experience as the City Mayor.  The idea was Connor’s, and he took all the steps needed to make this happen by himself.  We are proud of you, Connor!
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