Ms. Crawford’s first grade class was coming back from specials last week and they were passing through the center to get to their classroom. As Zachary Kerner passed by a coat closet with open doors, he demonstrated responsibility by closing the closet doors to keep our center looking neat and tidy. The bonus was, the closet wasn’t even one from his classroom! He helped out others in another class by closing their closet doors for them. No one even asked him to close the doors. He showed his responsibility by leading himself and taking the initiative to keep our community space looking in tip-top shape. Way to go, Zachary!

Mrs. Brown recently shared these stories about students in her second grade class:

Cecilia Roberts was recognized for being honest and having the courage to tell the truth when she made an inappropriate choice for fun, meaning no harm. Sean Carpenter earned a sticker for showing compassion with his classmates, always offering to help. James Parker earned a sticker for sharing and being respectful of his classmates. Mrs. Brown said she is proud to say that her class as a whole showed respect, compassion,and dedication, for her and Mrs. Strong , the substitute,while she was away at her son’s wedding.

Denise Simpson’s fourth grade class has been showing quite a bit of compassion for their classmate, Mia Bitman.  After having surgery, Mia has both feet in casts, and her classmates sent cards to her while she was home.  Now that she has returned to school, they are taking wonderful care of her by getting her supplies, books, and anything she might need so Mia doesn’t have to get up and hobble anywhere!  Some students have even asked to stay in at recess with Mia so she didn’t have to be alone!

Fifth grader, Emily Martinez is to be commended for demonstrating honor and responsibility while reviewing the answers on a test. She noticed one question should have been marked wrong on her test and reported it to Mr. Fiedler. It lowered her grade, but raised her perception in the eyes of fellow students and teachers as a truly honest and trustworthy person.

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