Pre-kindergarten student, Hannah Bever did an excellent job leading self during our Pre-K Plus program.  Pre-K Plus had a visitor join them on Friday, and when it was rest time, she was a little sad because she did not want to rest.  Hannah approached her and asked if she would like to rest next to her.  Hannah then put the vistor’s mat beside her and even offered to share her blanket/towel to cover up with.  Hannah spoke very kind words to our visitor to help her feel comfortable. Hannah also helped to gather her things so we could go to Big Centers.  Way to show compassion for our visitor, Hannah!

4th graders Lindsey Barrett and Lillian Bigsby gave outstanding performances in this year’s school musical Meet Me in St. Louis. They showed dedication to this wonderful project by attending many hours of rehearsals and memorizing pages of dialogue and song lyrics. Their courage was evident on opening night when they entertained the audience with confidence and spirit.  Well done, girls!
Jacob Margraf sets a fine example for his peers each week during Lower School Choir practice.  He shows his respect for our School’s sustainability efforts by helping his choir friends correctly recycle their snack bags and bottles into the appropriate bins.  Jacob is truly leading self,” as he has assumed this responsibility without being asked by an adult.  He also holds the door for all the other students as they enter the practice room.  I know that Mrs. Bolin is grateful for his contributions to the choir!

Mrs. Stapleton and Mrs. Thomas enjoyed an inspiring Literature and Lunch session with a group of 4th grade students. Davis Anderson, Eve Dunnagan, Ethan Carter, Jessica Keim, Anya Jacobson, Morgan Kesterson, and Cecilia Mendez accepted an invitation to read and discuss the 2012 Newberry Medal Winner – The One and Only Ivan – and enthusiastically shared their thoughts about the novel’s themes.  The teachers were impressed with the connections the students were able to make to the story; they demonstrated respect and compassion towards the story’s main characters, a gorilla and an elephant who were being mistreated by their owner.  We appreciate the responsibility these students exemplified and their dedication to making the experience a success.

Charlotte Elliott is being recognized for the kindness and compassion she showed to one of her classmates.  Charlotte’s classmate took a risk to go through the haunted house during our Halloween celebration despite being pretty scared. Charlotte stood by her side and comforted her.

Julia Clancy has been showing her dedication to her passion for fashion, and also her entrepreneurial spirit.  Julia just completed an online course in Beginning Fashion Design.  We are all impressed with her desire to leading herself and learn more about things she is interested in.  She is now starting a programming online course.  Pretty impressive, Julia!

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