I would like to recognize all the pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students and teachers. Their positive and joyful spirit are what get many of us through our toughest days.  The PK/K building has recently been described by so many as a shining, happy place.  It is the building that Mrs. Kelly goes to first when she has been traveling and away from campus.  It is the building that I head to when I find myself getting frustrated or upset.  It is the place that will put a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart because of the way the children and adults approach each day and learning experience—with joy!  Thank you, PK and K community!

Fifth grade students Bode Ringenbach, Carter Brown, Anne Brown, Thomas Barker, Matthew Badger, Jeron Perry, Savannah Capell, and Scottie Dawson have been showing their courage, dedication, and responsibility as they have been partnering with me, Dr. Zayas, and Mrs. Fordham in a digitial portfolio research and design group.  We are preparing to launch the use of digitial portfolios with our entire fifth grade community in January, and these students are serving as a beta group to help us better understand how we can effectively use these sites as an interactive learning space as well as showcase student learning and store it in a digitial space. Thank you, fifth graders!

Lillian Bigsby and Ryan Pretzer, both fourth graders, were selected from over 600 4th/5th graders across the state to be part of the prestigious NC Elementary Honors Choir this year! They demonstrated their dedication and spirit as they put in extra time to prepare, and they committed to the performance that would take place on a Saturday. They traveled to Winston-Salem with Mrs. Bolin and they performed a beautiful concert in the Stephens Center.  Way to go, Lillian and Ryan!

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