Character Tree


First grade student Jill Joyner is one of those students who has a good attitude and has fun in school no matter what the activity is! Jill thoroughly enjoys learning and is always anxious to do whatever she is asked to do.  She does not want to miss one minute of one single thing that goes on in the classroom.  In fact, she even told her mom she didn’t want to be picked up early when needing to go to the orthodontist for her sister’s appointment.  Her last words on Tuesday were, “But I want to stay here until 3:00, Mrs. Davis!”  Now that is an example of school spirit!!  Thank you for leading others in a positive way, Jill.

Second grade student Dylan Clark  decided he wanted to do something a little different for his birthday instead of a regular party. He had the idea to invite all his second grade classmates to a basketball game as a way to celebrate his birthday and show his Ravens spirit and pride.  He also showed his courage when leading our varsity basketball team during the pep rally last week and being out on the floor in front of the whole school.

Second grade student Anna Czito showed compassion for one of her classmates last week. Her friend was in a hurry to get to P.E. but both of his shoes were untied. Instead of rushing past him, she very willingly stopped to help him out.  Anna put someone else’s needs above her own and we are very proud of her.

Third grader Lilja Gudmundsson demonstrated courage, spirit, and leadership as she shared all about Chinese New Year with the entire Lower School Friday on the morning announcement.  She showed how responsible she is by researching the information that she wanted to share and she wrote out her script for what she would say. Thank you, Lilja, for increasing our awareness and appreciation for this important two week celebration!

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