Character Tree


I had the pleasure of going on the 5th grade Williamsburg trip last week and could not have been more impressed with our students.  They modeled what it means to be a Ravenscroft student and demonstrated all seven of the Character Tree traits throughout the three day experience.  The bus drivers, tour guides, and hotel staff all pulled me aside at different points during the trip to comment on how wonderful our students were.  Words used to describe them were: attentive, engaged, polite, kind, smart, curious, well-behaved, and just plain awesome! Thank you to all our fifth graders for a job well done!

In the absence of our 5th graders last week, our 4th grade Extended Day students stepped up to fill the role of citizen leaders during our afternoon carpool.  We were down many staff members and safety assistants that usually help carpool run smoothly in the afternoons, and this group of students volunteered to help our younger Ravens get into their cars safely.  They modeled what it means to be a citizen leader and changed our “carpool world” for the better!  Nice work, 4th graders!

Third grader, Skyler Riley, has shown great leadership during our Extended Day program. Many times she has been the example for the older children in her respect towards the teachers and in knowing when it is time to talk and when it is time to be quiet. We have seen great improvements and growth in Skyler this year and are very proud of her efforts and willingness to lead herself, lead with others, and change our Extended Day world for the better.  Way to go, Skyler!

We are also very proud of another third grader, Anderson Colantuoni, who has been chosen to be a young Ambassador to an organization called, Children’s Flight of Hope. His primary role is to educate people about who they are and what they do. The mission of Children’s Flight of Hope is to provide free air transportation to and from medical facilities for seriously ill or injured children who – due to medical, financial or logistical reasons – cannot travel to their destinations by any other method. Anderson created a presentation board and has been educating the third grade classes about his organization and how others can help support their efforts. We are so proud of Anderson’s spirit and dedication to CFOH. His most important contribution is that he has befriended children that need someone to have fun with. Anderson is changing his world!

First grader, Charlotte Mitchell showed dedication when engaging in our Citizenship and Leadership lesson, which centered around motivation.  The goal was to throw or slide bean bags onto a poly-spot, and try to beat your score each time. She was motivated and dedicated by doing her best and never giving up. Great job, Charlotte!

Kindergarten student, Neil Awasthi was very responsible and respectful when we had a visitor in our class. Neil graciously allowed the visitor to sit in his seat and moved to another table.  While he was at a different table with some of his closest friends, he led himself and was accountable for all of his daily activities and his behavior.

This was very impressive and a huge sign of his self-awareness. Well done, Neil!
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