Character Tree


Those who attended the International Festival on Wednesday night know how truly blessed we are to learn and grow in such a diverse and inclusive community.  30 different countries were represented during this special event, and our families helped expand our understanding of what it means to be culturally inclusive, and they provided us with an opportunity to celebrate the different cultures and traditions that exist within our own community here at Ravenscroft.  Many of our Lower School students demonstrated their spirit and courage as they performed during this event: Olivia Rivera, Jason Butters, Jessie Zhou, Sarah Zhao, Riccardo Curti, Sarah Kim, Claire Dillon, and several members of our second grade class.  We are proud of all of you!


The Ravenscroft community recently hosted a St. Baldrick’s event and was able to raise over $74,000 to help in the fight against childhood cancers.  We had some of our Lower School students show their courage and compassion by shaving/cutting their hair during this special event.  We are very proud of Drake Hamlin, Kyle Morin, Grey Alspaugh, David Gring, Jake Bergen, Tosh Holdstock, Mark Naslund, Riccardo Curti, Sanya Firozvi, Tariq Firozvi, and Alexa Tascher for leading self, leading with others, and helping to change the world.


Our Lower School Student Council showed what it means to be citizen leaders during our recent clothing drive for the Note in a Pocket organization.   They rallied their classmates to bring in as much clothing items as they could, they showed genuine enthusiasm and spirit when delivering the clothes, they demonstrated respect and represented our school so well during their visit, and they even showed their dedication to the cause by volunteering to help sort the clothes.  Thank you for being the leaders of this important initiative and helping to change our world here in our local community.


Special shout out to fifth grade student Hale Roberts who is in the Lower School Running Club.  After completing the expected 2 miles on a hot, sunny day, Hale showed his resilience and compassion when he volunteered to run another lap around the cross country trail with Mrs. Hobbs so she would not have to keep running alone. Everyone was tired and hot, but he stepped up and made it possible for Mrs. Hobbs to meet her goal and have a running partner that would push her to the finish–and he even sprinted to the finish line! Thank you, Hale!


Cheers to all the boys and girls in our pre-Kindergarten classes! Our young Ravens  have been so very welcoming to their new classmate, Kevin– and to every visiting child  who comes to Ravenscroft to spend a happy day with us. New friends are always treated especially kindly and are cared for during their visit. Extra care is given to make visitors feel comfortable and happy! Thank you, PK students!


First grader Lexie Dozier showed compassion toward another student who was upset because his snack had made a big mess in his snack bag. Without hesitation, she set down her own snack, ran to get paper towels, and started cleaning. Way to go, Lexie!


Ruffin Poole, another first grader, shows honor and integrity each and every day when he comes into the classroom. Whenever Mrs. Frendt needs an errand done, she can always count on Ruffin Poole to get the job done. From turning in the lunch count, to searching for missing coats, to picking up books that get knocked over in the classroom, Ruffin is the man for the job. Thanks for always being accountable, Ruffin!
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