Character Tree


We are so proud of our Lower School Student Council representatives for showing their courage and compassion  during the Special Olympic last week here at Ravenscroft. They stood up in front of the entire crowd and signed the athlete’s oath for all in attendance.  We appreciate their dedication to learning the specific signs required and their positive spirit during the opening ceremonies.

When character counts, Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Ausbon can always count on Cate Mills.  She is a great leader of self. Cate demonstrates compassion for her classmates, is always kind and respectful to others, and she always works hard to do her best work. Way to go, Cate!

Wow! The first grade students put on quite a performance last week for their musical, Go Fish! All their hard work and dedication certainly paid off. Tiger Shark and all her friends reminded us to be inclusive of all and to celebrate our differences because they are what make us unique and special. Thank you, first grade!

Mrs. Schulze’s third grade class sits at 2 round tables in the dining hall and one day last week, all of the boys, except for one student, were able to fit around one of the tables.  This child was feeling a bit excluded as the only boy at the round table. Harrison Poole and his friends were already beginning to eat their lunch and without being asked, Harrison said, “I’ll come sit with you.” This was very compassionate and took a lot of courage. Thanks for being such a fine young man, Harrison!

Third grader Deacon Adams  continues to show dedication to his studies, as he often goes above and beyond on his homework assignments. He also shows responsibility as he focuses on completing all classroom assignments. Deacon shows compassion for other students on a daily basis, specifically helping another student show resiliency when he did not achieve the next belt in karate recorder. He encouraged his friend to keep trying! Thank you, Deacon for being such a fine citizen leader!

Fifth grade student, Chase Hughes has been showing dedication and self sacrifice in serving both semesters as his classroom representative to student council when other homeroom members were unable to participate.   Chase is the embodiment of a “citizen leader.”  He demonstrates leading with passion and integrity without a need for fanfare or fame.  Chase is a leader with a heart for others.  Chase is very self aware and also notices the needs of others.  He leads through actions, rolling up his sleeves to work wherever he is needed.  Chase has led himself to lead with others and is certainly changing our world in Lower School for the better.

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