Dear Mommy,

Breathe! I know the thought of me starting Kindergarten tomorrow has you a bit nervous; you worry about me too much!

 I’m ready and so are you!

Since you are always the one giving me “helpful reminders,” I thought I would extend the favor and share some advice with you about the journey ahead for both us.


  1. Remember, it’s my journey, not yours! You already had your chance to go to Kindergarten; it’s my turn.

  2. I am the one and only Simone Ari Hobbs and I am unique and special. Please don’t compare me to other children and their accomplishments and challenges.

  3. I still consider you and daddy my role models and I am watching almost everything you do and say.  I am counting on you to model really great habits and values.

  4. You are my parent and not my friend. I need you to love and support me, but I also need you to challenge me and push me to be my best self every day…even when it’s hard and I put up a fight!

  5. Trust my school and my teachers.  You sent me to a school that promises to know me well, care for me, and empower me on my journey.

  6. I am only 4 (about to turn 5) and I am still trying to figure a lot out about our crazy world and how I want to make my impact.  Enrich my life with experiences, but please don’t make my path for me.

  7. Never stop reading to me at night. I love this special time together and it helps me grow so much as a learner.

  8. I am not you. Your past successes and challenges don’t need to live through me.

  9. Have fun and enjoy this journey with me.  You work too much and need to take more time just to “be” with me…time is going to go by really fast and I don’t want you to miss it

  10. I love you!

Tomorrow, and all the days ahead, are going to be great!

“There is nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile”



Simone Ari Hobbs

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