Character Tree


Thank you to all our Kindergarten, second, and third grade families who showed their community spirit by joining us for our family picnics this week.  We all enjoyed the opportunity to engage in fellowship, and we appreciate all the positive connections that were formed during the events.

Kindergarten student Carys Thomas showed compassion and responsibility when one of her friends had accidentally knocked over the play refrigerator in Big Centers and spilled many of the items inside.  Without being asked, she immediately went over to help her friend clean things up and make him feel alright.  Way to go, Carys!

First grader Scott Hayworth demonstrated courage and compassion by speaking up to his teacher and friends to make sure one of his classmates, who didn’t have a partner, was included in his group. Thank you, Scott for being inclusive of all!

JW Fusarelli is a new second grade student this year who showed great respect and responsibility at the end of our family picnic on Thursday night.  Everyone was leaving the event and packing up their individual belongings when he came over to me and asked if there was anything he could do to help me clean up.  He was so polite and caring–a true citizen leader!

Nia Negron is a new third grade student who demonstrated courage, resourcefulness, and collaboration when a group of Spanish exchange students visited in Mrs. Baccus’ classroom.  Mrs. Baccus told the visitors to spread out and sit with the third grade students so they could read together.  Within less than five minutes Nia suggested to her table and the two visitors that they all get up and play a counting game that Mrs. Stewart had taught them in class.  They started forming a circle by holding hands and then the game began.   Nia created a opportunity for all of the students to interact in a way that was more meaningful for all of them.  Way to step up and lead, Nia!

Fifth grade students Owen McGinnis and Bennett Zug worked collaboratively with new students in the library to teach them how to use the online catalog and find books on the shelf. Even though Owen and Bennett could have made another choice for their personal library time, they showed compassion and respect for others by choosing to support our new friends. What a great example of what it means to be a citizen leader!

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