Character Tree

Our Pre-kindergarten community showed their positive spirit this week in many ways! The students have all welcomed our new student and friend, Laetitia Auer with open arms. The students have been inclusive, gracious, and compassionate as they help Laetitia adapt to her new school and learn a new language and culture.  At the end of the week,  all the PK students and parents joined together as a collaborative group for a family fun day and picnic, and fun was definitely had by all!

Second grader, Josh Kesterson was seen being very responsible at the end of recess.   There is a rule that every child should pick up and put away at least one toy on the playground even if he/she didn’t play with it. Some of the children seem to have forgotten this rule except Josh.  Without being asked, he took it upon himself to quickly pick up all the sand buckets that were scattered about on the playground. Way to go, Josh!

Second graders, Sophia Purdy and Sachin Lakshman showed compassion by helping out a classmate who was in a tricky situation.  Their friends had gotten her hair tangled up in her chair leg when putting her chair on top of her desk at the end of the day.  They immediately went over to give her a helping hand and saved the day!  Thanks, Sophia and Sachin!

And one last second grader showed great courage this week–Brock Hoggard!  Brock got hurt on the playground during Extended Day and cut the area near his eye pretty badly.  Thanks to the responsive and compassionate efforts of several Lower School teachers, Brock was taken care of quickly.  But, it was Brock who impressed us all as he faced the injury with a brave and confident attitude–even playing tricks on the doctors in the emergency room!  We are proud of you, Brock!

Fourth grader, Rudy Addison was a model of responsibility and showed great maturity as he lead himself and helped take care of the younger students during the 1st Grade Literacy Night event that parents attended.  It was a great opportunity for these younger students to see a citizen leader in action!  Thanks, Rudy!

All of our Ravens have been demonstrating their dedication to learning here at school each day. We are all so blessed to work with such amazing young leaders.  I toured a group of educators from China today and beamed with pride as I walked around our building and saw students in every classroom engaged and intently focused on many important and challenging learning experiences. We truly are modeling what is means to Lead From Here!

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