Our next Lower School Community Conversation will take place on Tuesday, October 21, 6:30-7:30, in the Winston Library.  All families are invited to join in this dialogue that will focus on international families and their transition to the Ravenscroft community after living in another country.
    The objectives for this community gathering will be to:
    1. Provide an inclusive space for community members to engage in conversations about their similarities and differences.
    2. Learn about the challenges and successes that international families experience when they transition to the Ravenscroft community.
    3. Grow in our understanding of how to best support and welcome new families into the Ravenscroft community.  
    Some of the possible questions to be discussed will include:
    • What are some of the similarities and differences between the Ravenscroft community and your previous school community? 
    • What was challenging about your transition to the Ravenscroft community and what can be done to minimize this for other families in the future?
    • What was successful about your transition to the Ravenscroft community and what factors contributed to the success?
    We hope many international families will come to share about their experience and that families who have not lived in another country will come to hear the wonderful stories.
    For more information on how Community Conversations started in Lower School, please review the blog post titled: Community Conversations
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