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The Lower School Drama Troupe  performed a series of skits at our most recent Tree Talk.  The skits were based on our Lead From Here initiative and focused on the competency of  being accountable.  Each team was given a specific topic (Special Areas, Classroom, Carpool, and Cafeteria) and were asked to create a scenario in which a student was not accountable for their actions. They were then asked to create that same scenario, but this time, the student was accountable for their actions.  Each team brainstormed options, wrote a script and collaborated with their team members to create a skit that would truly depict each situation.  Their dedicated efforts paid off and they were able to creatively demonstrate the concept of accountability to even our youngest Ravens. Thanks also goes out to our Upper School cheerleaders for participating in this community event and showing how our older students are accountable for themselves and each other. We are very proud of everyone!

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Thanks to the leadership of our Student Council and the  compassion and support from the Lower School community, we recently collected and donated LOTS of items for Note in the Pocket.  The Student Council sponsors, Jennifer Baccus and Megan Bever had a vision. The Student Council representatives were resourceful and strategic as they created a plan to help make the vision a reality.  The Lower School community collaborated and collectively helped to change the world for many kids who were in need of these items. Way to go, Team Lower School!


Note in the Pocket   photo 2 (2)


Fourth graders, Maddie Maurio and Sierra Young recently showed their strengths as writers and leaders during a Writer’s Workshop that was focused on revising their realistic fiction stories.  They demonstrated strong communication skills as they shared feedback with each other and asked meaningful questions.  They both demonstrated a growth-mindset as they listened to the feedback and openly accepted ways for improving their writing pieces.  I was so impressed when Sierra was trying to articulate the lesson the main character was learning during the story and Maddie was able to respond that the character grew in her self-awareness! So proud of both these young writers and leaders!

Fifth grade student, Drew Fusarelli, is a member of the Student Council and recently showed how motivated and responsible he is. He went above and beyond the expectations for sharing with his grade level about the Note in the Pocket initiative in Lower School and designed a thoughtful Power Point presentation to make sure his classmates were fully informed and excited about the Student Council’s efforts.  Thank you for being a great role model, Drew!


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