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A special thank you to all our student speakers and performers from our Veterans Day celebration: Davis Ellis, Connor Kowalczyk, Mary Evans Baccus, Simone Hobbs, Gia Giambruno, Ellie Gallimore, Kyle Coats, Jacob Margraf, Claire Douglas, Kaia Ramakrishnan, Max Idler, Heidi Segars, Samuel Petrov, Sarah Zhao, and all the Lower School students.  They filled the gym with spirit and gratitude, and the parents and grandparents in attendance and watching via the livestream, were treated to a wonderful community gathering. We were blessed to have so many veterans with us for this event and we thank them for their service to our country and for modeling what it means to be citizen leaders. Here is a link to watch the celebration LS Veterans Day.

First grader, Jack Thompson has set the perfect example of “leading himself” at the end of every school day.  He puts up his chair and cleans up his work area without reminders.  Then, he goes around the room and puts up the chairs of anyone who was absent, left early, or just needs an extra hand.  He has the most wonderful attitude and really seems to enjoy making the classroom look tidy and refreshed at the end of a long day.  In fact, he has set such a positive example for his classmates that they now follow his lead and are much more conscientious about the afternoon clean up.  Way to go, Jack!

First graders, Addison Diener and Gia Giambruno have also been leading themselves by working hard, having a good attitude, and doing their best on their classwork and homework.  They always offer to be partners for anyone who needs a friend or a group to work with. One day on the playground, another first grader didn’t have anyone to play with because her usual playground buddy was absent.  Addison and Gia gladly added her into their fun and everyone had a great time.  What a perfect way to lead yourselves, girls!

Second grader, Gaddyn Cole was recently on a field trip to the Museum of Life and Science. Her class was in one of the exhibits where several other young children were also around. A little girl came up to the station where Gaddyn was experimenting and using different materials. The mom of the little girl told the little girl to wait because there were no more buckets that she could use. Gaddyn gladly gave up one of her buckets to this little girl without even being asked to do so. We are so proud of Gaddyn for modeling our Character Tree Traits outside of school and letting her  compassionate nature shine through!

Second grader, Dean Spilker was also on the Museum of Life and Science field trip and demonstrated such responsibility that many around him noticed and had to share when they returned to school. The lunch tables had a few bees swarming around, kids were a bit apprehensive, and some didn’t want to stay seated.  When the kids were asked to come back and finish lunch and clean up their tables, some opted out of this.  Dean walked right up, picked up his own trash, and then gathered up the remaining bags, empty water bottles and napkins until the whole table was clean…by himself. Dean showed a great example of leading self.  Thank you, Dean!

Third grader, Lillian Fendelman recently participated in a Lead From Here launch lesson on accountability and impressed her classmates and teacher during their debriefing time with her comments and insights.  Lillian was able to successfully reflect on the activity and make connections to her own actions and the impact they may or may not have on others. She showed courage during the discussion by openly sharing her thoughts, and also showed she is growth-minded by identifying some things she can do differently in the future.  Way to go, Lillian!

Fourth grader, Ana Lefebvre is a new student who has done a tremendous job transitioning to new school community while also learning a new language. She has shown dedication to learning English and has made great progress in reading, writing and speaking English.  We are proud of you, Ana!

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