Character Tree


A small group of Lower School students demonstrated the traits of responsibility and courage this week while participating in a panel discussion with the Counseling and Health Services Visitation Team. Olivia Barefoot (5th)Daniel Fendelman (5th), Alex Richmond (4th)Campbell Jennings (4th), Jane McNeill (3rd), Asher Sonntag (3rd), Andy Vitello (2nd)and Olivia Rivera (2nd) were asked to share their thoughts about guidance classes, our Lead From Here initiative, and their experiences with our Health Center. The group of visiting experts were thoroughly impressed with the students’ thoughtful and articulate responses. Thank you to these boys and girls for representing Lower School so well!


Kindergarten student Mackenzie Easters is to be commended for being such a wonderful friend to one of her classmates who has a broken arm. Mackenzie has shown compassion to her each day by helping to do anything and everything that her friend has needed.  We are proud of Mackenzie for stepping up to the plate without anyone asking her to.


We recently received a thoughtful email from a parent of a first-grader who witnessed an incident at school that had the potential to get out of hand, but was instead diffused by Steven Yoon, a first-grader in Ms. Bever’s class.  Students were being released to gather their belongings and one student went to the water fountain to get a drink.  While the student was bent over, two other students kicked his bag and did not model positive citizenship.  The student was visibly upset, but appeared unsure of how to handle the situation.  Steven, who was also in the line, said to his classmates (paraphrasing) “Stop it guys!  Leave him alone. That isn’t right.” It was a great display of conviction and courage by Steven, and we are very proud of his leadership.


Second grade students are to be commended for their work into investigations of catapult designs, scientific inquiry, and the writing of lab reports. This fine class of second graders has demonstrated their abilities as citizen leaders in all aspects of the process.  They have been highly motivated, stayed accountable, and worked collaboratively with respect.  Bravo to a great group of students that are leading self and leading with others! (Thanks to Ms. Lane for sharing this good news!)


Fourth grader, Sam Frushone has shown great dedication and commitment to the Battle of the Books team this fall.  He has read 17 of the 18 books since school began and is able to provide his team with many correct answers to hard questions.  We are proud of Sam for leading himself successfully and being motivated to be his best self during each of the weekly meetings.  Way to go, Sam!


Every year our fifth grade community plans a holiday service project to make a difference in the local or global community . This year, each member of the class will be using two very capable hands to complete chores for family and neighbors in support of the Helping Hand Project.  The goal of the project is to create the best prosthetics for kids in an economically feasible way.We are proud of our students’ motivation and dedication to changing the lives of others by doing lots of dishwashing, vacuuming, raking and other chores to help them earn money to contribute to the project. This project is even more exciting because the founder began with a prototype just like our students are creating for the engineering unit they are studying in science.   Way to go, Team 5!
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