Character Tree

Pre-Kindergarten student Sarah Jane Hodgkins has been leading herself and showing compassion and responsibility by coming to the aid of others. When cleaning up after centers, she often goes the extra mile to make sure that the Classroom Centers or Big Centers are  left immaculate. When other students need a crayon, glue stick, etc., she always is right there to offer for students to borrow hers. She has been empathetic and is leading with others. Way to go, Sarah Jane!

Third graders partnered with Scholastic and changed their world this week by collecting 56 pairs of pajamas for children in local orphanages, and Scholastic matched that with 56 books as part of the Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive.

Third graders have also been so proud to share what they have learned about their family’s history during a recent family history project.    Parents played a critical role in supporting the project and helping our third graders learn firsthand what makes America so special.  We all came from somewhere else!  That is what binds us together as fellow citizens, but also what makes us unique as individuals.  It is a critical component of our Lead from Here work that we teach our students to be culturally inclusive. This project has helped our students to not only become more aware of our similarities and our differences, but to appreciate them and celebrate them. Well done, third graders!

Fourth grader, Alex Wood recently changed Mr. Knox ‘s world in the Science Lab and demonstrated his compassion and resourcefulness. The pencil sharpener in the lab (which was one of the bigger and fancier models) was dying a slow death and not working effectively.  Without being asked, Alex took it upon himself to go out and find a way to buy a new pencil sharpener for Mr. Knox (and essentially all the students who use the Science Lab.)  The lab now has a brand new pencil sharpener thanks to Alex!

Fourth grader, Sophie Thomas has been very dedicated to her school work and often exceeds expectations on her assignments.  Sophie can be counted on for doing her very best on all of her work.  She serves as an excellent role model for her peers and exemplifies what it means to be a citizen leader.

Fifth grader, Ethan Erickson is a dinosaur expert, so when Mrs. Dancy-Jones talked at the beginning of the year and mentioned an anthropology course she took in college, he immediately took an interest. He then set a goal in Learning Lab to find out more about anthropology. He independently completed a Google Slides presentation, complete with a rap, and presented it to the Learning Lab class. What a great example of a student being motivated and leading self to pursue a new interest and strategically completing research!

On Monday night after the band played during the Holiday Concert, fifth grade student Audrey Lloyd went up to the upper area to watch the rest of performances. Not only did Audrey have impeccable concert manners that showed respect for the other performers, she also listened attentively and made the most positive, genuine comments that focused on her peers’ performances.  She turned the spotlight away from herself and was happy and supportive for the success of her peers. We are very proud of you, Audrey!

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