Today our entire campus participated in a Day of Service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Dr. King was a visionary leader who embodied all the traits on our Character Tree and was a truly amazing citizen leader.

Lower School students began the day together by participating in a Tree Talk where we learned about what it means to be a visionary leader.  Ryan Slattery (5th grader) said, “A visionary leader is someone who sees a problem and imagines a world without that problem.”  I love how young children can take a pretty complex topic and simplify it!

Each grade level shared the questions and visions that would be guiding them throughout the rest of the day of service.

  • PK: What can Pre-K children do to enrich the lives of animals in a rescue shelter and give them comfort?
  • K: How can Kindergarten students remind the senior citizens at Elmcroft Senior Living that they are loved and not forgotten?
  • 1st: Our vision is to write and publish a book for younger children to read and learn about some topics we study in first grade. We hope this will encourage them to read and write stories on their own.
  • 2nd: We want to empower people to overcome poverty and hunger. We want to give them resources to sustain their communities. Together we can change the world.
  • 3rd: How can third graders have an impact on sick children in our local community?
  • 4th: How can fourth graders make a positive impact on children and families in other parts of the world?
  • 5th: Fifth graders envision a world without hunger.

After the Tree Talk, all students went back with their grade level to take action and begin the work required to make their vision come true. There are pictures included  below to showcase our students and teachers in action on this wonderful day of service.

  • Pre-K students made toys stuffed with catnip for the animals at a local rescue shelter waiting for their forever homes.
  • Kindergarten students made cards that they stuffed with warm socks for residents at a local retirement community to remind them they are loved.
  • 1st graders worked on books that they will publish and give to young children at a local pre-school with the goal of motivating them to be readers and writers.
  • 2nd graders designed posters to promote their pencil machine. The profits from the sale of pencils gets donated to Heifer International. They have already raised enough money to buy a cow!
  • 3rd graders made fleece blankets that they will donate to a local children’s hospital to provide comfort to the patients staying there.
  • 4th graders worked on items they will sell at the annual 4th Grade Market later this year.  The proceeds from the market support school children in Costa Rica.
  • 5th graders packed meals for Stop Hunger Now.  They were able to pack 10,000 meals!

We ended our day back together as a community and shared how each grade level changed the world by their actions that day. Please watch this awesome video to see our celebration as a community: Change Your World 

Hannah Bever (Kindergarten student) summed it up best by saying, “You can change the world by doing good things.”

Good things were indeed done today at Ravenscroft!

  Ravenscroft is truly a community of citizen leaders, and together, we can change the world!

Lower School Tree Talk–growing as citizens leaders as we learn about the visionary leader Martin Luther King Jr.

PK students made toys for cats at a local rescue shelter

Kindergartners making cards to put socks in that they will send to local retirement community

1st graders buying pencils from 2nd grade pencil machine to help support Heifer International.

2nd graders making posters to promote their pencil machine where proceeds support Heifer International

Third graders making blankets to donate to local hospital to provide comfort to patients

4th graders working on projects to sell at market where proceeds will support school children in Costa Rica

5th graders packing meals for Stop Hunger Now


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