The Kindergarten classes were very growth-minded this week when they had to tackle a new writing unit. Our youngest writers are learning to write How-To books so they can teach other people how to do something they know how to do really well.  It is refreshing to see how eager and willing our students are to try new things! Great job, Kindergartners!

During recess, Sophia Purdy (2nd grade) noticed another classmate wandering around the playground by herself.  Sophia immediately went up to her and asked if she would like to play with her and the other friends she was playing with. Thanks to Sophia’s compassion, her classmate felt included!

Second grader, Joshua Ratliff-Weathersby earned a character tree sticker by helping a friend (without being asked) rearrange chairs on top of two students’ desks.  It was the end of the day, but instead of rushing out the door after the announcement, he stayed back and helped out.  He showed great responsibility in making sure the classroom was cleaned up for the day and also worked collaboratively with his friend to get the job done.

Fourth graders, Skyler Riley and Jillian Wadley showed deep compassion to first grader,  Niko Negron last week. Niko had lost a tooth in a rough way and he was tearful and apparently hurt. The girls purchased a pencil and gave it to Niko and told him they hoped he felt better. It was a sweet gesture and they were great role models for our younger students of what it means to be a citizen leader.

At carpool, when it was really windy, Anna Bures (3rd grade) lost her art picture. It blew away and she couldn’t catch it. Harrison Poole (who is a very fast 4th grader) ran and retrieved it for her.  His compassion for another student was evident and this made her day!

Anderson Colantuoni (4th grade) borrowed a shirt from the Lower School front office.  He was asked to have the shirt laundered and returned back to Mrs. Adams or Mrs. King.  Anderson promptly returned the shirt the very next day.  Anderson was given a character sticker for showing responsibility of prompt return of the shirt.  This was the first time that a  Lower School student has returned a borrowed clothing item the very next day. Way to go, Anderson!

Fifth grader, Jeremy Badger recently stepped up to be a buddy for a visitor at the last minute when another student was absent. He took the responsibility seriously, and his kindness made his visitor feel welcomed. Thank you, Jeremy!




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