Our entire 5th grade class did an amazing job performing American Dream this week for parents and students. Their spirit shined through their beautiful voices, and it was clear that they had worked collaboratively to put together this wonderful show.  What was most impressive was their adaptability when a performance was cancelled due to winter weather.  They knew the process was more important than the product, and they were able to appreciate all that they had accomplished and learned despite some of the setbacks. Way to go, team 5!


5th grade students, Delaney Washington, Jessie Zhou, and Davis Anderson worked collaboratively to create an awesome logo for our first ever Identity Day.  The girls were strategic in their efforts to design a visual image that would represent the purpose for the day and were more than successful as you can see on the link to the flyer where it was used. We are extremely proud of them!


We would also like to recognize our 5th graders who will be representing Ravenscroft at the African American Quiz Bowl that will take place this Saturday (March 7th) at East Millbrook High School– Delaney Washington, Tre Crenshaw, Naven McDonald, Kennedy Cousar, and Owen McGinnis. These students have been dedicated to working after school over the past few weeks to learn and study facts about African American history, and they have put in a considerable amount of time and energy to ensure they represent our school well.  Thank you!


We have been so fortunate to learn all about Chinese New Year and the Chinese culture from 5th graders, Jessie Zhou and Sarah Zhao these past few days. They did the morning announcements, shared a presentation with students, and they showed first graders how to write their names in Chinese. We are grateful for their positive spirit and their ability to communicate their knowledge and experiences with all of us as we grow in our efforts to be culturally inclusive.


Before our Winter Break, Mrs. Simpson’s 4th grade class found out they were going to have a visitor in their classroom the day before Valentines Day. The class was very thoughtful and decided they should make Valentines for their visitor because they were having their celebration that day and didn’t want the visitor to feel left out.  Their compassion made their visitor feel very much a part of the class and happy to be at Ravenscroft!


4th grader, Emma Wolff has shown great perseverance and responsibility with her school work.  She is asking for help when she needs clarification about a concept or an assignment.  Emma is resilient, does not give up, and she works hard to do her best.  She is self-aware and is working on finding solutions and strategies that help her. We are proud of you, Emma!


4th grader, Bennett Gillespie recently researched, planned, and implemented a lesson on robotics to his fourth grade class . The lesson included handouts, a demonstration, and even a reflection assignment at the end where students wrote about what they learned in the lesson. Bennett was responsible and motivated, and he demonstrated a high level of  leadership during this process. His efforts inspired many of his classmates to learn more about this topic. Great job, Bennett!


4th grader, Bryce Tascher  is to be commended for his recent decision to stay after school to organize the Chromebook cart and help make sure everything was in its place and easily accessible for all the students. Thank you, Bryce, for being responsible and thinking about others!


3rd grader, James Frushone was leading himself this week as the students were getting ready to go to lunch. He chose to go to the front of the line, and he raised his hand quietly in the air as a symbol for the rest of the third graders to get quiet so they could go to the lunchroom. The whole third grade then followed him by doing the same, and they were all quiet and ready to go shortly after!   Way to go, James!


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