Pre-kindergarten students, Hope Kalorin, Lila Choudry and Mary Evans Baccus each recently showed respect and compassion to their friends. When watching a movie in the afternoon, everyone was handed a bowl of popcorn. All students had been served except for Hope and another child, and she gave her popcorn to that friend before serving herself. It was noticed by Lila that a friend did not have a glue stick to use for a special spring project, so she went and got one for her friend. It was brought to Mary Evans’ attention that a student needed a sink and float mat, and she was right there to lend a hand and give her one. Thank you to our youngest Ravens for your dedication!


Kindergarten student, Cole Venters showed compassion this week toward a classmate during their Reader’s Theatre practice. He helped his friend when the group was not listening and demonstrated to the class what it means to be a citizen leader. Way to go, Cole!


First grader, Cate Mills has been a leader in first grade and took the initiative to organize the tumbling lunch trays in the dining hall when the first graders were dismissing.  Because of Cate’s motivation to take a minute to stop and change her world, her classmates are following her example and are now motivated to be collaborative during clean up time.  Thanks for stepping up to make a difference, Cate!


Second grader, Cole Rogers demonstrated his adaptable and collaborative  nature while working on some problem-solving problems with a partner during math. Cole and his partner had been working on a problem together and were planning on sharing their solution with the class the next day. When the next day rolled around, his partner had to finish up another project and missed the first part of the sharing. Once his partner was able to join, even though Cole was in the middle of sharing, he moved aside and let his partner share and participate since they had worked together on the problem. He wanted to be sure that his partner had an opportunity to participate in the sharing. Cole had no problem being adaptable and stepping aside to let his partner share their problem- solving strategy.


All second graders showed their spirit during the Broadway Beat performance last week that had all in attendance snapping their fingers and tapping their feet.  Their motivation and dedication paid off and they put on a special show that featured every student in a speaking solo.  Great job, second grade!  If you missed the performance, you can see a recording at the following link.


Third graders, Nick Zinn and Ryan Alridge recently showed compassion when they helped a classmate learn how to punt the ball at recess.  They gave her pointers and even held the ball for her.  If you have ever seen how competitive football is at recess, you would realize what a kind act this was. Thank you, Nick and Ryan!


Third grader, Erik Sueiras demonstrated dedication when he was faced with a challenging math concept. He was charged with the responsibility of explaining how to find the mean, or average, for a set of data. He struggled to verbalize the strategy one would use, but after persistence, dedication, and a growth-minded attitude, Erik eventually understood the concept and was able to teach the class!



Fourth grader, Chaz  Davidian is to be commended for his own spirit and empathy as he was supporting and encouraging our second graders during their Broadway Beat performance.  One of the students said he was able to get through singing his solo on stage because he had an older friend sitting in the audience cheering him on and giving him thumbs up. Chaz helped this young man feel brave and proud to be up on stage. Way to go, Chaz!


Fourth grader, Harrison Mehr showed compassion for a fellow student in PE.  While competing in a relay race, a fellow competitor in the lane beside Harrison fell down. Harrison, who was in the lead at the time, stopped to make sure the student was alright before beginning running again. Harrison also was resourceful, accountable, and resilient  when he had to make corrections on his math workbook pages. He not only decided to work on these pages at home, but he took the necessary resources home in order to complete them correctly.Nice job, Harrison!

A big thank you to fifth grader, Sally Purrington who offered polite thanks to the bus driver this week as she exited the bus.  No one prompted this gracious and respectful acknowledgement. Sally modeled what it means to be a citizen leader to the younger riders. Great job, Sally!

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