Character Tree

The Lower School Science Olympiad Team demonstrated responsibility and dedication throughout the school year. Their collaborative efforts resulted in a very successful performance at a recent competition.The group finished in fourth place in the largest Division A tournament in the Triangle. Thirteen students earned a total of eighteen medals, with an additional four students earning honorable mentions in the competition. Way to go, Ravens!



We were honored to watch our Student Council representatives lead the athlete’s oath in sign language at the Special Olympics last week. ”Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” What a great connection to our work with Lead From Here.  Thank you, Lower School leaders for representing our school so well at this important event.



Emme and Elle Warner and Samantha Brock were generous in introducing the Lower School to their new friend, Kayla Martell, this week, and courageous for sharing their own personal stories. Ms. Martell spoke with Ravenscroft students about the quickly visible – or very nearly invisible – differences among us.  We each have things about us that make us unique–a cause for self-awareness and celebration!  By being growth-minded and resilient, empathetic and communicative, we can seek to understand and appreciate our differences.  Thank you, Emme, Elle, and Samantha for helping us understand these important ideas better!


Mrs. Dickson’s pre-Kindergarten class, as a whole, exemplified many compassionate, responsible, collaborative, and inclusive behaviors this week. They welcomed a younger guest to their class for a morning admissions visit. The students were attuned to the responsibilities of caring for this younger child, and they helped engage the visitor in activities, cleaned up each classroom center for her, and helped to keep her safe on the playground. The class responsibly worked on their own classwork projects independently, with great maturity, so that the visitor could be supervised when using new tools, such as scissors. Our students were warm and gracious, caring and supportive of a tender young friend. Great job, Pre-K!


Pre- K celebrations from Mrs. Riggs’ class include: On the playground this week, as everyone was lining up to go inside, Caelen Cox and Jet Tran were very responsible and began picking up all the toys left out on the playground and put them away. As Eve Munford was going to share her nursery rhyme from her own nursery rhyme book with the class, she noticed that one of her friends might also enjoy using her book to find a special nursery rhyme to share with the class. Eve certainly exemplified compassion for this friend.  When it was time for Pre-K Plus Big Centers and everyone chose their special center,   Carolina Teyf noticed that a child was going to be by himself in his center. Right away, she became self-aware and showed compassion to this student to make sure he would not be left alone. Way to go some of our youngest Ravens!



Last week on the playground, a second grader got injured during a game of kickball. The student decided to go sit down on the bench and recover. Will Eichler, seeing that his friend was hurt, quickly hurried over to him and offered to help him walk over to the benches to sit down. He said, “Here Brock, you can lean on me and I’ll help you over to the benches.” This was such a sweet display of compassion. We are proud of you, Will!


On Administrative Professionals’ Day, Ms. Crawford had four young ladies take the lead on making a class card for our beloved Mrs. Adams and Mrs. King. Ava Karrenbauer, Olivia Rivera, Keira Segars, and Emma Idler all collaborated with each other to make a beautiful card for them. Then, they decided on their own, that Mrs. King and Mrs. Adams each deserved a Character Tree sticker for all of (entirely in their words) their “hard work and responsibility.” The fact that these ladies reflected on all of the ways that Mrs. King and Mrs. Adams change our world here at school and wanted to go above and beyond to recognize them for this was genuine, thoughtful, and compassionate.


During our recent assembly for the Who Was.. competition, fourth grader, Jillian Wadley realized that Davis, who had broken his foot, had to stand, so she went back to the classroom to get him a chair without being asked. Thank you, Jillian for being empathetic to Davis’ situation and showing compassion for him.


Fifth grader, Connor Clark was truly responsible and strategic by staying in from recess on his own to complete work on Thursday in preparation for a planned absence on Friday. Connor is always conscientious about his work and independent about turning in assignments on time. Nice job, Connor!






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