Character Tree

Ella Whidbee (PK)

One of our Pre-Kindergarten students was having a hard first day of school and was quite sad on the playground. A few adults tried to console him and it just didn’t seem to be helping so they decided to give him some space. Without any prompting, Ella noticed her friend needed some cheering up and she went right over to him and offered some kind words and a sweet hug.  Ella’s compassion was just what he needed and his tears dried up. Way to go, Ella!


Gia Giambruno (2nd) and Courtney Carter (2nd).  

As second graders in Mrs. Coffey’s class were sharing their “Me Bags,” a heart-warming interaction between two students took place. Gia couldn’t see the person who was sharing because Courtney was sitting in front of her, listening to the student who was presenting. As a result, Gia lightly tapped Courtney’s shoulder and said, “Courtney can you please sit down so I can see?” Courtney’s compassionate attitude immediately became apparent, as she not only sat down, but also moved to a new spot, so Gia could see more clearly. Gia led herself by politely requesting what she wanted, and Courtney responded by being empathetic to a friend’s needs. The best part of this story is the fact that these girls had only known each other for a day and a half. Gia is a returning Raven, and Courtney moved from Roanoke, Virginia to join us. This is a great example of how we are already becoming a community and respecting one another!


Ellie Gallimore (3rd)

Ellie was having some computer issues one night during the first week of school and could not complete her math homework on IXL. She went straight to Mrs. Baccus when she arrived at school to apologize and took responsibility for not getting her homework done. We are so proud of Ellie for taking ownership of her learning responsibilities and for being courageous to speak directly to her teacher. Awesome job, Ellie!


Will Eichler (3rd)

Will displayed a generous spirit in an interaction with Mrs. Stapleton in the carpool line. As she was helping him into the car, he said, “I have a story to tell you about polar bears!” Will remembered this was her favorite animal from last year’s Identity Day poster display. When Mrs. Stapleton visited Will’s classroom the next day, he proudly shared a wonderful photo he took of a polar bear while on a summer trip to the St. Louis Zoo. Thank you, Will, for this thoughtful act of kindness!


Rudy Addison (5th)

Rudy showed his school spirit as he shared his enthusiasm about young brother Caspar’s first day as a Raven. He described the Pre-Kindergarten classroom as “huge and beautiful, “ and he was particularly excited to see his very favorite picture book displayed and ready to be shared with the class. Seeing this great new space “made me want to go back to Pre-K,” Rudy said!


D.J. Washington (Senior)

We do not normally highlight students in other divisions in these posts, but D.J. Washington’s words and actions on the first day of school were so inspiring that we wanted to celebrate him in our first post of the year. D.J. is the SGA president this year, and he took on a leadership role in rethinking how the Seniors would begin their last year at Ravenscroft. He helped organized the efforts to have the Seniors at Lower School carpool on the first day of school opening car doors and greeting our youngest Ravens. Later that morning, he led the Seniors through a parade of Lower School students who cheered them on with signs and chants as all our students made their way to Bell Tower for the flag raising. And in the final moments of this special opening, D.J. stood in front of our entire community and delivered a powerful message as he spoke to our children and said, “I Believe in You!” Thank you, D.J. for exemplifying what is means to be a citizen-leader and for reminding us how special it is to be part of PK-12th grade community.


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