Character Tree

Our entire Lower School community has demonstrated the beauty and grace of the Ravenscroft spirit recently as we experienced the loss of one of our parents. That spirit filled St. Andrews church yesterday as many students, parents, faculty, and staff gathered to celebrate the life of Mrs. Beth Purdy, mother of Logan (5th) and Sophia (3rd).  We have all been inspired and moved by the strength and courage of both Logan and Sophia during this very sad time–they are two very special young people who we are blessed to have in our community.  We are also so very proud of our 3rd and 5th grade communities for the care and compassion they have all demonstrated during this difficult time. Thank you to all who are supporting and will continue to support the Purdy family 


The students in Kindergarten have been very excited to launch our Reading, Writing, and Math Workshops. Just one example of the enthusiasm for learning was when student Kevin Bowles demonstrated that he was motivated to learn to read as we went on a hunt for words in our environment. He shared that he could “read anything if he really looks and thinks about what the words might say.” Kevin was not discouraged when he found a word he didn’t recognize at first. His teacher overheard heard him reminding himself to think about what he sees that might help him figure out the word. He is already using strategies that great readers use! Nice work, Kevin!

1st Grade:

The first graders are working hard to learn new schedules, rules, and procedures.  Stelliana Georgedakis has proven each and every day how self-aware she is.  She not only cleans up her working space and puts her belongings away, she helps everyone at her table!  Her motivation to listen and follow through with directions has been amazing, and she has been a wonderful example for her friends of how to make teamwork fun!  Terrific job, Stelliana!  

2nd Grade:

Students were on the last rotation of math workshop and some friends at the games station noticed the mess that was made from the culmination of other groups there before them. These six friends took it upon themselves to cleanup the coins, money, and dice materials that were scattered all about. Coley Riley, Samantha Brock, Annabelle Pritchard, Hallie Eichler, Grace Gibney, and Hadyn Cox displayed collaboration by working together to cleanup all the materials and responsibility by knowing that these materials belong to everyone in the classroom and needed to be cleaned up properly. Way to go, 2nd grade friends!!

3rd grade:

Hannah Morgan was self-aware when she realized that she likes to share her solutions during math when others are often quiet.  She was concerned about how to do what was being asked to do in math class while still giving others an opportunity to share their strategies, too. She wanted to be sure everyone at the table could collaborate.  It took a lot of courage for Hannah to say that she needed help, and she demonstrated a true growth-mindset!


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