Character Tree


1st Grade

Katie Overton, Claudia Lloyd, and Caraline Hayworth stayed on task and read the entire rotation during Reader’s Workshop. They showed responsibility and dedication as they were building their stamina in reading.


Xander Lamond and Conor McDonald have been motivated and self-aware in helping their friends out in the classroom.  They have realized several times, independently, when the chairs needed to be pushed in or the pencils needed to be put away, and they have done those jobs cheerfully with a positive attitude.  We appreciate these boys being growth-minded and having a positive outlook at school!  


3rd Grade

When returning from the third grade field trip to the Joel House, Grant Corkum picked up trash that was left behind on the bus that did not belong to him without being asked. He was definitely leading himself and showing responsibility for our school community.


4th Grade

During math class, a difficult problem was posed for the students.  It was not something that had been taught and students were encouraged to think about the possibilities. Chloe Fox did not know the answer, but she willingly came up to the board and started writing out numbers, and explaining her reasoning.  Even though she did not get the answer, she was able to get the other students thinking about possibilities.  Chloe demonstrated several aspects of our Lead From Here framework- courage, spirit, and resiliency being among the top. Chloe helped show the class how to approach math- don’t be afraid of it, just jump in, and think it through. The answer is not always the important part of the problem.


5th Grade

When Logan Purdy entered the 5th grade center after lunch, he noticed that the Battle of the Books team coaches were busy cleaning the tables after a lunch meeting. He immediately pitched in and helped with the cleanup, even though he was not part of the group. Logan demonstrated responsibility and respect for the adult leaders of the team, and he made a dedicated effort to keep this beautiful learning space tidy for his peers. Thank you, Logan, for setting such a fine example for your friends!



Francie Rogers, fourth grader, brought a library book back that had gotten some applesauce on it and some pages were wet.  She showed the book to the media specialists instead of just returning it and asked how much it would cost to replace it.  Francie could have easily taken the easy way out and just put the book back into circulation. Instead, she intentionally chose to be accountable and very responsible. Way to go, Francie!



When students were finished painting for the day, Grey Davidian volunteered to clean all the brushes on behalf of his classmates.  He showed that his lens of responsibility expands beyond himself and he that he intentionally thinks about ways he can help others for the greater good of the community.  Thank you, Grey!


Science Lab

Mrs. Ausbon’s Kindergarten class was in Science Lab and they had been playing “Mr. Knox Says.”  Everyone had just earned a small polished rock for winning a round of the game. As they were lining up to go, they were discussing where they would put their rock when they go back to their room.  Lucian Krummel made the suggestion, unsolicited, about safety, and how he would make sure not to leave his rock out where his younger sister would find it.  He recommended they all be responsible about this if they had a younger brother or sister. Gotta love when our younger students show the true meaning of leadership—thinking about what is best for others first!




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