Character Tree

All our Lower School scholars have been learning and growing these past few months and some of the excitement has been captured in pictures, videos, and teacher’s words in this Storify link:

 Learning in Lower School


Our wonderful pre-Kindergarten classes have repeatedly shown their pride in their playground area. Each day, consistently, the children make sure that all the toys that have accumulated from many class visits, throughout the day, are picked up and returned to the proper toy bins. The children are certainly showing respect for our beautiful school. They have been accountable and motivated to make sure our school looks its best and that toys are properly stored after play.


1st Grade

Xander Lamond was playing quiet ball with Haydn Cox during faculty care time on parent/teacher conference day. When Xander dropped the ball, he choose to go over to Haydn and shake Haydn’s hand while saying, “Congratulations.” Thankfully, many of our Extended Day students watched this scene and saw a true example of both courage and honor  in that moment. Way to go, Xander!

Mahek Singh recently showed responsibility and respect by cleaning up and organizing the head phone box in Mrs. Bever’s classroom. She is consistently a wonderful helper in the classroom.  Thank you, Makek!


3rd Grade:

Emily Capell has been extremely empathetic towards a classmate who has been in the process of moving into a new house.  Her friend was feeling out of sorts and Emily noticed.  Emily said, “That is so hard. I understand why you are feeling sad.  It’s ok.”   It meant the world to the other student and she gave Emily a character tree sticker for being so compassionate.


5th Grade

Victoria Marciniak and Amber Stiefel changed a small corner of our world by taking charge of shelving returned books in our center.  After volunteering to help the teachers, the girls worked together to decide the genres and locations, showing both resourcefulness and collaboration.


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