Character Tree


Parker Sonntag showed responsibility when he left the line to go back and push in everyone’s chair and get a friend’s forgotten library book in class this week. Thanks, Parker!


While conferring with Caelen Cox during writing workshop time, he demonstrated wonderful determination. Caelen listened to his teacher’s advice, and he eagerly asked great questions about how to make his writing better. Caelen strived to improve his writing with a growth-mindset and a positive attitude toward learning! Determination in Kindergarten means that we never give up. Caelen never gives up, even when things are challenging.  

During the Gingerbread reading unit, Ben Banta has been dedicated to working hard, listening intently, and responding appropriately to each story. We are proud of Ben for not giving up and for continuing to do his best work. Way to go, Ben!

1st Grade

Gabe Morcos shows motivation by always displaying a positive attitude towards learning. His excitement and dedication to learning is wonderful to see each and every day! We are proud of you, Gabe!

Sam Hollingshead truly exemplifies being motivated to work hard in the classroom every day. He is the first one to get started on any task, and he doesn’t stop until he is finished.  Then, he wants to know what he can do next.  He sets an important example of how to be strategic. He sets goals, and then makes plans and takes action to reach them.

Amelia Cafaro showed great resilience when she fractured the wrist on her writing hand this fall.  She never complained or told anyone there was something she couldn’t do.  She just got busy and did the best job she could on every task she was given.  What a great role model she was for the other first graders!

2nd Grade

Hugo Addison showed responsibility and compassion for another student on the playground this week when he noticed she was crying about something she had lost that meant a lot to her.  Hugo immediately stopped playing and ran over to where he knew her lost item was and safely returned it to her, which brought a smile to her face.  We are so proud of him for being so selfless and making someone feel better without being asked!

3rd Grade

Thomas Bergdolt and Jack Hollingshead showed compassion and empathy when they noticed another student was sitting alone in the lunchroom.  They came to the teachers and asked if they could change seats in order to sit with this student so she wouldn’t be sitting alone.

Will Eichler showed compassion for Mrs. King when she dropped her papers and books all over the floor. He stopped what he was doing, and immediately began helping her gather her belongings. This act of kindness made Mrs. King feel noticed, and she was so appreciative of the help!

4th Grade

Max Bitman showed responsibility one day by seeing a job that needed to get done and doing it without being asked. While Mrs. Keane’s class was cleaning up to get ready to go home, two other students were arguing over whose mess was under their group’s table and who should have to clean it up. Max just went over, picked it up, threw it away, and said, “Come on guys. What’s the big deal? Just throw it away!” Way to go, Max!

Ashleigh Colantuoni was both inclusive and empathetic when she changed the way she and several friends were playing a game at recess so that another friend could play with them.  Initially, the way they had designed their game called for a certain number of people, but they worked together to find a way to include their friend who was feeling left out of the game.  Thank you to Ashleigh and all of the girls involved for reaching out to include others and for demonstrating that everyone has a place in our community!

5th Grade

Whether being a designated buddy, playing on the playground, or joining together at lunch, all of our fifth grades showed respect, spirit, and responsibility in welcoming a group of 12 visitors applying for sixth grade at Ravenscroft next year. We appreciate the way they modeled what it means to be inclusive to all.

Academic Skills

Mrs. Carothers’ group (Brooke Barger, Charlie da Roza, and Emerson Hayworth) came in for their scheduled class time.  Written on the board were instructions of what they were to do.  Each student got started independently and were working hard when Mrs. Carothers went over to check on them.  They worked quietly and diligently, showing that they could lead themselves well.  We are very proud of all of them!

Special Areas

As Ms. Hight was walking to teach the 5th grade music class, Emma Idler was outside walking the circle on the blacktop for gym and saw trash in the grass. Emma discreetly picked up the trash, showing others how to be a leader through her actions and taking responsibility for keeping our Earth green. Way to go, Emma!



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