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It’s Sunday afternoon and I happen to be on campus to pick something up from my office.  

I am surprised to see multiple cars in the Lower School parking lot.

It’s Sunday afternoon, why in the world are there so many teachers at school!?

I really should not have been surprised.  It was the end of the second quarter, which meant our teachers were spending a large amount of time and energy writing individualized report cards comments for each one of their students.

After having the opportunity to read and review these detailed comments, I was reminded how fortunate I am to work with these educators and how lucky I am as a parent to have my daughter (and hopefully my son next year) experience this learning environment.

The comments affirmed two important aspects of our mission here at Ravenscroft:

  1. Our students are successful, happy, and good young men and women, and we have a shared commitment with parents to value and support all three areas so they are positioned to thrive as citizen-leaders.

We know parents desire all three of these things for their children. To be good, successful, and happy.  We also know that how parents order the three is different.  Some prioritize being happy over being academically successful, while others most want their children to be good and make a positive difference in the lives of others. There is no judgment on how one ranks the three because all are important.  I am grateful that Ravenscroft values all three and provides a balanced approach to ensure children can be good, happy, and successful.

2. Our teachers know their students, care about them as people, and give them opportunities to have ownership of their individual journeys.

We know that in order to truly nurture individual potential, we first must know our students well. We need to know their areas of strengths as well as their areas for growth. This knowledge must include intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development if we are to best meet their individual needs and ensure they reach their full potential. We motivate and engage our students when we understand and appreciate their personal interests and passions, which can range from Star Wars to pet rats. We also know that students must be involved in making choices and be included in decision making so they are invested in the process as much as their teachers.

I hope all of you enjoy reading your children’s report cards and see the evidence of your children being known, cared for, and given ownership of their journeys here at Ravenscroft.

Please share your stories in the comments below about how Ravenscroft helps

support your children to be successful, good, and happy!

Thank you to all our teachers for your amazing comments!

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