Character Tree


Leila Loturco was reading a book by herself when a classmate came and wanted to join her.  Leila demonstrated her eagerness to be inclusive.  She immediately allowed her classmate to join her and decided that each one should take a turn in reading a page. We are so excited to see our youngest Ravens embrace what it means to be an inclusive learning community.  Way to go, Leila!


We are grateful for all the students in Mrs. Ausbon’s class for demonstrating empathy, kindness and compassion as they have been eagerly assisting their classmate navigate the school day with a broken foot.

Learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a tremendous impact on Diego Thompson in Mrs. Brown’s class. Just after learning about this leader in class, Diego was then faced with a difficult situation on the playground with two of his buddies. He was able to show responsibility by acting as a peacemaker and help his friends to include each other. He had strong self-awareness to know he was displaying responsibility. Diego expressed how he was acting like Dr. King in this situation and was not only “leading himself” but was “leading with others.” We are so proud of Diego!


Charlotte Hinson showed motivation by working out a problem with another student on the playground.  Although she felt a little sad when she did not get her turn to be pushed on the tire swing, she was motivated to find someone else to play with.  It definitely takes motivation and resilience sometimes to keep your chin up when you feel a little upset.  Congratulations!  You were a great model to others, Charlotte!   


Grayson Zola was so respectful of Hallie Eichler and aware of how his actions were going to have an impact on her. Hallie had been patiently waiting to get her information book stapled together. When Ms. Crawford finished stapling another student’s book, Grayson happened to be closer in proximity, so Ms. Crawford reached for his book to staple first. Grayson immediately pulled back and said, “Hallie was waiting first so she should go next.” He was respectful and aware of not only his actions, but of how his actions would have an impact on someone else’s feelings. Way to go, Grayson!


Ellie Gallimore has been very responsible in the dining hall. Every day she waits to make sure that the trays get stacked up neatly.  Ellie has shown that she cares about keeping our dining hall clean by being accountable without anyone asking her to do so.

Andy Vitello was waiting for his dad to pick him up and offered to stay in the classroom to clean up the classroom. Andy’s dedication to keeping his classroom tidy and his caring attitude are to be admired!


Grey Davidian demonstrated empathy when he noticed a student who was struggling with a concept he already understood. He asked to work with that student collaboratively to help them complete the task. This was not required or asked of Grey, he just knew it was the right thing to do. Thank you, Grey!


Nathan Skubic helped out a friend who didn’t have a copy of his homework to study from. He took pictures of it and emailed his friend so he had something to study from for a science test. He demonstrated compassion for a classmate and changed this other student’s world by making sure he had what he needed to be successful on the test.  Well done, Nathan!

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