Character Tree


Hadley Reed demonstrated incredible resilience as she returned to school after a surgery last week. Surgery can be a scary thing, and returning to school while still healing can be challenging. However, Hadley returned with a dedication to learning and growing! She quickly resumed her normal classroom activities with enthusiasm and a motivated spirit. We are so proud of Hadley not only as a learner, but as a wonderful citizen leader. She is an inspiration to us all. We are proud of you, Hadley! *

1st Grade

Gabe Morcos and Livi Rosowski showed motivation and dedication when they went above and beyond to find out more about a president we were learning about in class. Gabe created a poster and Livi wrote a nonfiction book of facts about George Washington. We are so impressed that they took the initiative, on their own, to learn more and to share it with the class. Awesome job, Gabe and Livi!

2nd Grade

Jaden Colson led himself by being responsible and holding himself accountable for completing his work while he was out sick for a week.  Jaden recently missed a week of school due to illness and returned to school with an energetic and determined spirit.  He has not only stayed on top of completing his current assignments, but he has also been responsible  and motivated to complete all of his missed classwork AND homework!  Way to go, Jaden–we so proud of your resiliency and effort!! *

3rd Grade

Kaia Ramakrishnan showed dedication to what she is learning this week. When visiting the library, all the books she checked out were related to what she is studying in class! She checked out a book on fractions to help her in math, a book on cheetahs to help her with her informational writing, and a sign language book to help her in her after school club! What a great way to support her learning! Way to go, Kaia!

4th Grade

Lilly Wright noticed that Mrs. Stapleton was wearing a “boot” on her foot while recovering from an injury. Whenever they saw each other during the school day, Lilly asked how she was feeling. Lilly was the first to notice when Mrs. Stapleton no longer needed her boot. She displayed her compassion by saying, “I am so glad to see that you are all better!” We appreciate your kindness, Lilly! *

5th  Grade

A shout out to all of the fifth graders who have welcomed our two new students, Maria and Audrey, to our community with open arms.  They have certainly made a difference for these two girls.

Some of our 5th grade students also show up for tutorials after school every Monday and Tuesday to improve their knowledge of the concepts and prepare for tests. Other students attended Science League Lunch on two fridays a month where they read about new discoveries in science and watched videos from the New York Times Science Section online. In both cases, students are going beyond what is required to learn more science. Nicely done, 5th graders!

Visual Arts

Brett Jordan (1st grade, Davis) showed compassion when he noticed a student who was having a hard time getting along with others and finding themselves alone at a table. Brett also showed courage as he said, “I don’t want them to be alone. I’ll help and be their friend.”

As we have experienced our Minion Self-Portrait Galleries, students have learned a lot about resilience and leading themselves. Coley Riley (2nd grade, Crawford) and Ellie League (4th grade, Childrey) demonstrated resilience when they realized they wanted to make a change to what their minions were wearing after they had drawn it in Sharpie (no erasers!). Even though it could have been cause to want to quit, they both bounced back and creatively used a pattern to camouflage their “mistakes.” In both cases, this “mistake” ended up providing a focal point of interest and detail in their art pieces that was exemplary to their fellow artists.

Transitioning to our Monet unit gave Ms. Mark’s 4th grade class a chance to experience the new painting unit first. After a challenging class due to the new nature of the material, they took the opportunity to lead others and change their world by providing Mrs. Karpowitz with helpful feedback, and taking accountability for their own actions, putting reminders in place to adapt their behavior;  other classes are using these reminders successfully to work more smoothly.

Academic Skills

Cecilia Roberts (4th grade) designed a writing project for class called “Design Your Own Country.”  She showed motivation by coming up with the idea on her own, then she led herself by developing the guidelines for the project and sharing them with the class.  All of the students are excited about the project and ask daily to work on it.  Cecilia inspired a lot of enthusiasm and spirit!

Ashley Passmore participated in a discussion where students were generating leveled questions around a common topic.  Ashley was reflective about her contribution, making a great argument for her point.  She then shared it with the class, leading with others through her communication skills.  We are really proud of her courage because she was the only one to make that point.  Way to go, Ashley


Battle of the Books (EBOB)

The Lower School Battle of the Books Team placed first in the district competition held at Ravenscroft on March 2nd. Throughout the year, team members have displayed dedication and motivation by reading and rereading all 18 required books and attending practice sessions 1-2 times per week. Students also showed their resilience, by working together to take the lead after falling behind early in the competition. The team will compete in the regional championship later this month. EBOB Travel Team members are: Lilja Gudmundsson, Michael Griffin, Montana Ramakrishnan, Bryce Tasher, Connor Kowalczyk, Alexa Gillon, Sophia Hopper, Jasmine Akyurek, Lillian Fendelman, Garland Gould, Eden Munster, and Francie Rogers.

Spanish Celebration

Our PK-2nd grade students participated in the Spanish Celebration, RIMA which took place on March 2nd. Second graders led the event where each grade level sang their favorite songs. Children also introduced each song using language and vocabulary they are learning in class.  They all did a great job! Second graders even danced Cumbia, a traditional dance from Colombia. All the children showed respect for a foreign culture and they all had fun and danced together showing their spirit. A great opportunity to showcase language and culture!

National Foreign Language Week

This special celebration took place March 7-13 this year. The theme was: “Languages Enrich Your Mind.”  Parents, teachers, and students worked together for this event where we showcased different languages: Portuguese, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, French, Tumbuka, Bengali, & Korean.  Parents and faculty members took part in morning announcements and presented to students all the week.  Upper School student Sammie Kim shared some facts about Korean and Korean culture. She taught kids to sing and dance some traditional music. It was a great opportunity to learn and expand our experiences and perspectives!


*These people provided their approval for us to share their stories.

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