We are so proud of the enthusiasm for the Pulsera Sale in the Lower (3rd-5th) and Upper Schools. We sold well over 500 pulseras in 3 short mornings of this cross divisional service project. Everyone who bought one of these beautiful bracelets is encouraged to hold onto that special tag with a picture and signature of the artist that made it. They are the reason we are coloring our world. Ultimately, by wearing your pulsera, you are supporting the mission of promoting fair trade jobs for the Nicaraguan people, and making a statement that you value education, human rights, environmental sustainability, shelter support, and financial empowerment. This project is truly Lead From Here in action, and all the competencies were demonstrated by everyone involved.  Special thanks to Michelle Schulze for her vision, leadership and passion.



Pre-K students went to Lyon Farms to pick strawberries and the students were very motivated when they practiced picking plastic red strawberries. They listened attentively to the farmer who told them all about strawberries, which ones to pick, and which row to pick them. When picking the strawberries, it was observed that the students were accountable and self-aware for picking beautiful red ripe ones. The children were inclusive, encouraged each other, and were respectful of the environment. The field trip was wonderful! They can’t wait to work together to make homemade jelly!



Kindergarten students are in the process of learning to be reflective. They are spending time thinking about reading strategies they have mastered and those they do not use, yet! Students are creating their own “Super Reader” strategy charts which they will use to remind them of their individual goals as a reader. Students are also identifying strategies they feel confident using by placing their name next to a strategy on the class chart. Now, the students can be resourceful and communicative as they reach out to one another when they need help with a strategy.

Nora Alqahtani was very compassionate on the field trip to Dr. Wells’ orthodontist office. She noticed a friend that was upset and was unable to see the presentation. She readily gave up her spot so her classmate was able to see.  Way to go, Nora!

1st Grade

Xander Lamond showed great resilience when he bounded in the classroom, with a huge smile on his face, the day after a tough procedure at the doctor’s office.  His motivation to be at school when he didn’t feel his best is a lesson we can all learn from.

Mrs. Davis’ class was awarded a character sticker from Mrs. King for showing compassion on Administrative Assistant’s Day.  Each child personally wrote a message to Mrs. King and Mrs. Adams and went to their office in small groups to give individual hugs and thank yous.  Gestures of compassion and empathy make our community a great place to be!   

Cole Venters showed responsibility and accountability by being such a great helper to Mrs. Karpowitz during one of his Art classes. Way to go, Cole!

Madison Nedriga showed motivation and empathy to provide dinner for a family in need.  She realized how fortunate she is to have all of the necessities of life and was motivated to reach out to someone less fortunate.  What a wonderful gesture!

2nd Grade

Kendyl Carden was very self-aware in the cafeteria this week when she stopped to help another second grade student pick up her spilled lunch.  Kendyl showed compassion and responsibility through her gracious act of kindness.  Her actions changed our world by brightening another student’s day and caring for her school community.


3rd Grade

When the internet was out on Monday, Riley Lawton helped Mrs. Baccus and his classmates by thinking quickly and being resourceful. He suggested that since they could not access Google docs, they could place the printed animal presentations under the document camera which projects to the Smart Board. All of his classmates were then able to practice their presentations! Smart idea, Riley!

Will Robbins, Benya Wilfret,  Alex Wang, and Paulie Brooks did a great job of working collaboratively to practice their animal research  power points in the center. Being alone in the center required them to hold themselves accountable for staying on task and they handled it wonderfully. Great job, 3rd graders!


4th Grade

Brooke Barger, Madison Lucien, Asher Sonntag, Jeremy McGinnis and Kyle Coats were adaptable and resilient.  We had too many students sign up for one activity at Camp Kanata and we asked for some students willing to change from their second choice into an activity they didn’t choose.  These students were willing to do this, and maintained a positive spirit.  They led themselves well and helped to make this trip a positive experience for all of 4th grade!


5th Grade  

Fifth graders supported one another on the recent trip to Williamsburg.  Students were respectful to one another, our docents and hospitality personnel.  One of our bus drivers even wrote a thank you note and noted that he observed students being responsible in keeping his bus clean and showing respect to both drivers.  He appreciated our students’ expressions of gratitude.  Students encouraged one another to be resilient when they got tired.  Students were compassionate in supporting individual needs of peers.  Our fifth graders showed great enthusiasm and spirit throughout our colonial adventure! We are so proud of you, 5th graders!

One morning during carpool, Rudy Addison saw some garbage in the street, and even though his hands were full, he picked it up to throw out in the 5th grade center.  It’s these small acts of kindness that make a difference. Thank you, Rudy!


Academic Skills

During class, one of the students shared that he had forgotten to bring in his money to purchase one of the Pulsar bands. Hunter Harris quickly offered to share one of his so that his classmate would not feel left out when his class picture was taken the following period. Thank you for being inclusive and compassionate, Hunter!


Extended Day

During Extended Day recess time, Steven Yoon noticed a friend fall down on the soccer field during a soccer game. He displayed empathy by checking on his friend and then giving him a hand to get up. Thankfully, many of his classmates noticed what had happened and congratulated him on helping his friend.

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