The Soaring Raven - bird, nevermore, blackbird, crow, raven

Prepare to soar.

This simple and powerful statement captures perfectly the excitement that is swirling in our Lower School community.

Our teachers and students are filled with positive energy, an eagerness to learn and grow, and a vision for who they want to be and what they want to accomplish.

This positive energy was apparent as I watched Henry, who is a new Kindergarten student, literally sprint from his car to his classroom every day during morning carpool this week.  Then there was the email from Arran’s family sharing that he is coming home from third grade every day just “bubbling” with enthusiasm and saying it was the greatest school day EVER! And there was the sunshine note from one of our new teachers that said she was so happy here she could just burst.

The eagerness to learn and grow is showing up in the goals being set by our teachers and students. Ruby, a 4th grader, stated that she wanted to be more growth-minded and get better at piano. One of our teachers, who is entering her 30th year of teaching, shared that she is a life-long learner and is eager to work on researching and designing our new math pacing guide.  And a great reminder that our youngest Ravens are also eager to grow, and doing it way too fast, was when I was helping Lyons, a new Pre-K student, get out of his car in the morning.  I asked if he needed any help getting to class, and he replied emphatically, “No, I can do it myself!” And he did exactly that with confidence and pride.

One of sweetest moments from our opening days occurred at our all school flag raising on the first day of school. I watched Penelope, a new Kindergarten student, pause for several minutes and gaze upwards at a group of Upper School girls.  She looked up at them wide-eyed and hopeful. So many of our Lower School students shared Penelope’s vision that same day and also dreamed about what they want to be and what they want to accomplish as they were surrounded by an amazing group of citizen leaders.

#Goodishere and we are prepared to soar.

Tonight is about how all of us, as parents, can help our children and teachers soar.

Tonight is about inviting all of you to join us on TEAM Lower School as we strive to raise successful, happy, and morally good citizen-leaders, together.

Because, together we soar.

With this concept in mind, I would like to introduce the Lower School Leadership TEAM:

  • Robbin King, Administrative Assistant
  • Chelsey Watkins, Assistant Head of Lower School
  • Mary Ripple, Lower School Counselor
  • Ruth Thomas, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist
  • Jennifer Baccus, Lower School Admissions Counselor

This special team performed a dance routine at our Tree Talk this morning to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling.  They wanted to show our Lower School community just how excited and energized they are about the year ahead. It was pretty impressive and demonstrated just how committed and passionate they are about making sure this year is filled with joy and success.  

There is indeed a lot to be excited and energized about in Lower School!

We have new team members, enhanced learning spaces, and innovative ideas for improving teaching and learning.


This year we will be encouraging and empowering our students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. We will focus on teaching them how to think and not what to think.  Our teachers will be participating in a year long professional development experience to learn and grow in the facilitation skills required for this type of teaching and learning.

This year we will be looking for ways to increase science, technology, engineering, and math instruction, or as we refer to it here at Ravenscroft, STEM+. The plus is added because of the integration of fine arts. All our students will be participating in STEM+ challenges throughout the year in our new Maker Space that is being designed by our teachers and students.

And we will continue to grow in our understanding and appreciation of what it means to lead and learn in a diverse and inclusive community. Our Lead From Here movement will intentionally support our efforts to learn more about ourselves, about communicating and collaborating with others, and about dreaming and acting on behalf of a larger community.

It is going to be an amazing year for TEAM Lower School.

We are ready to soar.

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