While our Pre-Kindergarten students were engaging in imaginative play during center time,  Madeleine Catalahana displayed empathy for one of her friends. Madeleine noticed a friend who was left out and so she invited her to play even though Madeleine was already playing with her other friend Bentley. Bentley felt that Madeleine didn’t want to play with her anymore because she invited the new friend to play, so Madeleine was then communicative and explained that they were still friends and that they can have Addison play with them, too. Way to be an inclusive and communicative citizen-leader, Madeleine!


While in Art class, Kindergarten student, Watts Ramsey noticed that other students were not putting the recycling in the right place.  He showed great responsibility in choosing to respond by personally taking all the scraps from the wrong bin and putting them in the right place. Thank you, Watts for modeling the appropriate actions to others and taking care of our learning environment.

First Grade:

First grade student, Mary Wells Anderson showed responsibility and respect by picking up trash and items around her table and in the classroom.  She took this initiative on her own, even for items that were not hers, and made a positive difference in the classroom through her actions.Thank you, Mary Wells for helping to keep our classroom neat and tidy, and for modeling these behaviors for others.

Second Grade:

Second grader, Owen Morrison, was in the dining hall last week going through the lunch line when he noticed that he was mistakenly given two chocolate cupcakes. Rather than walking to his table and eating both cupcakes, he immediately told his teacher that he was given an extra one. Owen demonstrated honor and responsibility by making his teacher aware of what happened. Great job, Owen, and thank you for modeling honesty!  

Third Grade:

Third grader, Gabriel Bevis was in the Jones Health Center last week, fortunately he was not sick or injured, but rather accompanying another student.  When Mrs. Nelson asked the other student to tell her the best thing that had happened to her today and her reply was “nothing,” Gabriel piped in and offered two examples of things that were great about that student’s day. He recognized she had fun at recess and she did well in math. Gabriel was a thoughtful and kind friend, and he also modeled a positive spirit and encouraged the other student to be growth-minded about her day.

Fourth Grade:

Fourth graders, Kate Shuey and Hannah Morgan were in the nurse’s office and were ready to go back to class.  We had a first grader who felt better and was ready to go back to Lower School.  They both volunteered to walk him back which really helped the nurse continue to help other students. Kate and Hannah demonstrated compassion and responsibility in their actions and impacted others in a positive way.

Fifth Grade:

Fifth grader, Olivia Meyers noticed that a new student needed some assistance in the dining hall line.  Olivia put her own needs aside for the moment and showed compassion by seeing the needs of someone else and doing something about it.  She gave up some of her lunch time to help the new student. Thank you, Olivia for changing this student’s world for the better and making her lunch time a positive experience.


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