William Rosowski demonstrated that he was growth-minded after watching the video titled 20 Things We Should Say More Often. A few days after watching this video clip, William approached his teacher at recess time and stated, “Hey, Ms. Garris, I can ask my friends if can I please use the tire swing like the Kid President said in the video.” Having the ability to apply what was learned through the video clip to a real life situation also showed that William was self-aware.

Eloise “Weezie” Gibbons recently demonstrated how she is growing in her self-awareness and ability to lead herself.  There was a substitute teacher in the class and Weezie was a very good listener and helper.  She was able to support the substitute by helping her navigate through the daily schedule.  Weezie showed how much she has grown as a learner and a leader in the classroom through her actions on a day that her regular teacher was not present. A special note was left by the substitute to let her teacher know how impressed she was with Weezie’s self-management that day.  It was great to read that wonderful feedback about such a special girl.


Scotland Perkins and Blake Hoggard recently demonstrated how dedicated they are to learning more about reading and writing. After working very hard in class on their assignment, they did not have time to finish. Without being told to do so, both students went home and completed the rest of their assignment on their own! They brought the assignment back the next day to share with the class.Their dedication as citizen-leaders inspired their classmates to begin to do the same. Although we do not require homework in Kindergarten, their dedication and enthusiasm for engaging in fun learning experiences is admirable .

First Grade

Charley Fincher recently demonstrated what it means to be communicative during reading worksop when she took initiative to help another student on her own. The students were given a brand new assignment to a reading rotation and Charley recognized that another student needed assistance. While Mrs. Fenner was on her way to offer help, Charley quietly walked over and gave clear, helpful directions and even waited to see that he understood! The best part was that Charley had no idea that anyone was watching her as she so kindly offered help. It was so heartfelt to see Charley collaborate and communicate with another student!    

Second Grade

During our latest Tree Talk, Emily Conroy, Luke Davis, Ethan Debrah, Braylon Frizzelle, Alasdair Hampton, Brett Jordan, Xander Lamond, Livi Rosowski, Alexander Rouskas, Michael Schulze, and Cairo Williams gave an impressive presentation to share what they have learned about the importance of being communicative when playing soccer at recess.  The second grade lost the privilege to play soccer at the beginning of the year, and with the help of Mrs. Ripple, this group worked hard to talk about how to use the Citizen Leader Framework to grow in their abilities to lead themselves, as well as to lead others, both on and off the soccer field.  Click here to read the lessons that these students learned by being communicative and collaborative while working to earn back soccer.

Alexander Rouskas, Mahek Singh, and Natalie El-Assi worked collaboratively in their classroom organizing the students’ book bins one day after they went book shopping.  They noticed that the bins were not in the correct order so they had to communicate with each other to figure out the best way to quickly get the bins in the correct order. They did a good job of of being communicative and collaborative.

Third Grade

LaCarlos Humphrey demonstrated compassion towards a visiting student last week. He made sure the visitor felt comfortable in our classroom community, and always let him know what was coming next. When students worked in partnerships, LaCarlos immediately asked if our visitor could join his group. He even pulled up a chair for him at lunch, anticipating that there may not be enough room for everyone. Thank you, LaCarlos, for showing our visitor the true Ravenscroft spirit!

Fourth Grade

One of our parents witnessed a student being honorable after school one day and was so impressed that she called the front desk to share what she observed. Morgan Riley found a necklace on the ground in front of the Lower School.  His older brother told him to just leave it, but Morgan insisted on finding out who it belonged to before going home that day.  He went back in the building, found out who it belonged to, and returned the necklace to the teacher.  We are so proud of Morgan and his willingness to put the needs of other people before his own. And thank you to the parent who made this called and gave us the opportunity to celebrate Morgan’s efforts!

Fifth Grade

We are very proud of our afternoon student runners who are helping Mrs. King in the front office each afternoon.  These students are chosen by their teachers for demonstrating responsibility in their daily classes.  Students who have served as runners include:

Autumn Campbell, Kyle Coats, Aryan Ghodrat, Hope Hauk, Elena Mathan, Taylor Warren, Chloe Fox, Lia Gibney, Anna Haywood, Alex Miller, Garland Gould, Grace Petrov, Brooke Barger, Anna Czito, Eden Munster, and Sophia Hopper.

These fifth graders are modeling what it means to be a citizen-leader and making a difference in our Lower School community.

Extended Day

During Extended Day, Hunter Harris (4th grade) and Andrew Nunalee (Kindergarten) collaborated to make a large Ravens banner. The two enjoyed working together and showed great spirit. Our faculty students and Extended Day staff all celebrated together after looking at their great work.  

One of our third graders had lost a special birthday gift on the playground and her teacher searched high and low to try to find it for her. Without success, she asked a group of Extended Day students to help. This crew of amazing kids found that bracelet with dedication and teamwork! Thank you, Anna Stone, Sohail Sandhu, Benya Wilfret, LaCarlos Humphrey, and Nicholas Zinn.



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