Ella James Bever, Libby Gibbons and Rhys Munro were in P.E. and  the coaches had new game stations for everyone. These three students were self-aware and growth-minded as they led themselves and others when playing all of the new games.

Mrs. Riggs’ class was going inside from recess and Eli Strick realized that his classmate needed help getting off the tire swing. Eli was motivated to run back over to him and help him off the tire swing and showed his compassion and willingness to help others.


Aria Martakis joined Mrs. Brown’s Kindergarten class before Thanksgiving.The boys and girls in her new class have shown compassion as they have helped her learn the rules and routines of the classroom and of Ravenscroft. Aria has done a beautiful job adjusting to a new school and has been dedicated to work hard and do her best.Her classmates have worked hard to be responsible to lead themselves each day.

First Grade

Recently, while doing her warm up on the track before P.E., Lila Choudry found some money on the track.  Without hesitation, she immediately brought the money to the coaches to be turned in at the front office.  Lila set a great example of being honorable and responsible.

Second Grade

As we all strive to keep our centers picked up and looking their best, the coat closets are a challenge to keep tidy and the doors shut. Braylon Frizelle was recently observed carefully shutting all the doors that were left open one morning as well as picking up papers and pencils on the floor. His responsible actions helped our shared space look much better.

Third Grade

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Simpson’s class was in art working on the collaborative skyline projects. They talked at the beginning of class about the importance of making sure everyone’s ideas were incorporated, and that everyone felt heard and respected. Once work time began, Miles Hughey came up with an idea for a billboard design that he was beyond excited about (when asked how excited he was on a scale of 1-10, he responded “10” without hesitation). The rest of the group could see how excited he was, and even though they weren’t as excited as he was (“About a five,” they told the teacher later), they all talked together about what they liked about it, and what could be changed to make it fit into the piece. Miles made some changes, and the whole group was still bubbling with ideas and possibilities during the recap discussion. Miles was a great example of successfully communicating his feelings and taking responsibility for making the modifications based on the feedback he got from his group. Hallie Eichler, Misha Choudry, and Charlie Hauck were great examples because they showed empathy and compassion, as well as respect for valuing Miles’ opinion and design. All members of the group provided a fantastic example of resilience and collaboration using communication.

Fourth Grade

One day, as students were walking to Lower School orchestra practice, Will Eichler stepped forward past several other students to hold the door even though it meant he would be one of the last students in line for snack.  It was something that needed to be done, and the other people in line weren’t stepping up, so Will showed great responsibility in taking on the task without being asked.  On the way to that same rehearsal, the group encountered a far larger number of backpacks in the hall than are usually there, and without being asked, Josh Kesterson walked with the teacher as she wheeled the cart with supplies through the crowded hallway.  He carefully moved backpacks and instrument cases out of the way to clear a path for the cart, showing compassion and kindness.  Both boys also showed spirit since they knew their actions were helping the entire orchestra get to rehearsal quickly and safely.

One rainy day, during indoor recess, Andy Vitello and Rachel Mencer decided to take responsibility for the game cabinet. They took everything out, fixed damaged pieces, threw away broken things, and reorganized the games. Now everyone knows exactly what is in the cabinet have and everything is in working order.

Fourth grade recess was cut short last week due to rain.  Ruffin Poole, Bella Ray, and JW Fusarelli offered to help pick up all the balls, sports equipment, and coats that were left on the playground when everyone else came in.  They were given umbrellas, and were resilient in collecting everything and putting it away.  This was especially appreciated since all of the playground equipment is new and all of the students are trying to help extend the “life” of the new equipment!

Katie Kennedy, Olivia Rivera, and Sophie Yoon were in Extended Day one day last week. They noticed Mrs. Adams cutting out some items for a project.  They offered to help Mrs. Adams with this project, without being asked.  It made a much longer project go quicker. They were motivated, supportive, and helpful without being asked to help.  

Fifth Grade

Two weeks ago, Sanya Firozvi took time to notice a teacher that needed extra help with outdoor supplies for the 3rd-5th grade playground. Without being asked, she grabbed some of the equipment that had fallen from the teacher’s arms and assisted with where they needed to go. Sanya’s innate compassion and genuine kindness were greatly appreciated and honored that day.

Last week, our entire fifth grade community served as wonderful citizen-leaders in their efforts to welcome a group of student visitors considering sixth grade next year at Ravenscroft! Thank you for being thoughtful and caring hosts for this group of future Ravens.

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