Robert Newton exhibited self-awareness while playing with his classmates on the tire swing. Robert noticed that his friend Wyatt was waiting to have a turn on the tire swing. Robert volunteered to give Wyatt a turn and he also offered to push Wyatt and another friend on the tire swing.

Henry Brock demonstrated his ability to lead with others by being a special buddy to a visiting student.  Henry made sure that the visitor knew where to sit, where to go, and was by his side during specials, centers, and on the playground.  Henry helped to make this visitor feel welcomed at Ravenscroft.



Kindergarten students demonstrated they were very motivated, growth-minded, and reflective as citizen-leaders and learners when they completed a self-reflection activity at the end of the quarter. When asked what a reflection was, some students mentioned it was like looking in a mirror. Students have learned that you can look at yourself without a physical mirror. They closed their eyes and looked at themselves in their minds remembering all they had accomplished or needed to work on. Students were asked to draw a picture of something they felt they were doing well, something they wanted to grow in their abilities to do, something they love to do most at school, and something new they learned this quarter. After drawing, the teachers conferenced with each child individually to talk about what they had recorded on their self-reflection tool. The children were very excited to share these reflections with their parents!


First Grade

Mary Wells Anderson showed compassion during recess when one of her classmates got hurt. She was so caring and helpful! Mary Wells said, “I just want to make sure she is ok, and I like to help my friends when they get hurt.” Thanks, Mary Wells for always being such a great friend!


Second Grade

Brynn Munro showed compassion in art class recently. During recess, one of her classmates fell and knocked her head and back. When she joined the class from the nurse’s office she seemed fine. Brynn was one of the first to make sure this student knew what we were doing in class and helped her get up to speed. The end of class was also the end of the day and students dismissed from the classroom. When Brynn noticed this student grimacing while holding her backpack, she instantly volunteered to carry this student’s backpack in addition to her own. As we were releasing and students were reminding the teacher where they go upon dismissal, Brynn thoughtfully let us know that she would go to back carpool first to make sure this student was able to dismiss on time. She would then go ahead to front carpool where she is normally picked up. She was so cheerful and eager to help that it is very easy to see how compassion like this can, indeed, change the world.

Channing Brewington showed compassion one day at recess when she noticed a classmate needing a push on the tire swing.  Without hesitation, she stopped what she was playing and ran over to lend a helping hand.  This act of kindness left a smile on her classmate’s face.  What a way to change his world!

Jack Morrison was so motivated during a recent unit on nonfiction that culminated with a “Gallery Walk” last week. He did a terrific job discussing his topic with the visiting guests (1st and 3rd graders).  His enthusiasm kept the children engaged. Jack had lots of interest from the students about his topic and he fielded questions in a great manner. Jack found material in his books to share and was communicative as he showed his organizer and notes as a way to explain how he gathered his information. It was a great finish after he had worked so hard to prepare his poster.

Third Grade

Cate Mills is a first class citizen-leader even when no one’s looking. Every day, she takes care of the classroom, center area, dining hall, and playground. She clearly takes pride in our community spaces and demonstrates respect and personal leadership in a humble way.


Fourth Grade

Eleanor Mezzullo and Hannah Morgan showed compassion and empathy as they used their free art time to make a thank you card for the dining hall staff. Eleanor remarked that “they serve us every day and no one ever thanks them.” These two also showed great collaboration as they involved the rest of their class in writing notes to the staff. They included a character tree sticker for each staff member, and did a little research to find out everyone’s names to make sure all the dining hall staff were included. We all appreciated this display of compassion and that these two girls looked for and found opportunities to change their world. It meant so much to the dining hall staff when they received this surprise. This was especially timely given our recent Tree Talk; Eleanor and Hannah saw that something wasn’t right, did something about it, and led with others to change their world.

Anna Sonntag was accountable this week during the Pulsara sale. She purchased some Pulsara bracelets and returned to the classroom. Once she began removing the tags from her items she noticed that she had received an extra Pulsara in error. Anna immediately brought this to my attention and asked to go back to the sale to return the extra bracelet. This is a perfect example of Leading Self. Anna noticed the mistake, and was responsible in asking to go back and return the bracelet. Well done!

We had a student visitor and Elsa Hampton demonstrated so much compassion toward her throughout the day! She stuck with her to ensure she had a pleasant day and was intentional about including the visitor in games and activities. Elsa was a very responsible, dedicated, and spirited buddy!

Fifth Grade

Nyles Steele has been a welcoming host to visiting students. He has treated each guest with respect and represented his school well. Our guests’ experiences were enhanced because of Nyles’ kindness and many left wanting to come back the next day.

Sanya Firozvi reflected on her progress as a fifth grader during the first half of the school year and decided she was ready to grow in her ability to work more independently . She advocated for herself, made a plan, and has been working hard to achieve this goal. Sanya has been independently completing all of her work during Learning Lab, including IXL lessons, and even asked if she could do some extra math challenge lessons. She has demonstrated great dedication and we are proud of her growth.

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