This is a guest post by Lower School Instructors, Karrah Lewis and Dante Johnson

“We are all alike AND different. That is what makes our community special and wonderful. No matter who you are, where you come from, where you live, who you admire, what you eat, what games you play, how you learn, what church or temple you attend or even if you don’t attend one at all, no matter what color your skin is, what language you speak at home, how much or how little you have, you are an important part of our community– and we are glad you are. You are welcome here!”

Shared during our recent Tree Talk, this wonderful statement, captures the essence of our Identity Day in the Lower School at Ravenscroft.

As we strive to be a diverse and inclusive learning community, Identity Day is a time set aside for the entire Lower School community to build positive relationships with others by learning about, respecting, and celebrating how we are all alike and different.

This year’s Identity Day took place on Friday, March 31st. It was an inspiring and successful day that started with a gathering of the entire Lower School community for a Tree Talk where fifth grade instructor, Mr. Dante Johnson, along with  5th grade students, led us through fun chants and rhymes that reminded us of the purpose for this awesome day.

Mrs. Ruth Thomas (Curriculum and Instruction Specialist) read a thought-provoking book titled City Dog and Country Frog by Mo Willems. The story illustrated the concept that even the best of friends can be quite different from one another, and it helped us make great connections to the friendships we share in Lower School.
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We also enjoyed a video of our Lower School students sharing what makes them unique and special. In the video, we learn from our students that there is much more to a person than what you can see with the eye. With an open heart, we can build strong and beautiful friendships even with our differences!

In conjunction with Identity Day, students were asked to bring in a photo that captured something or someone important to them. Each student was assigned to a classroom for lunch and conversation with another grade level . As the students gathered in groups, they took turns expressing the significance of their photo. Students were actively listening, smiling, laughing, and discovering similarities and connections. Following the sharing, each student took time to reflect on what they learned about another student. We also encouraged the students to look within themselves and identify some traits they possess that positively enhance our learning community. We enjoyed eating lunch in the mix!  

To provide a visual representation of this year’s Identity Day, Lower School art instructor, Mrs. Amelia Karpowitz facilitated the creation of a special collaborative art project. In their art classes, each student painted and cut out an individual feather shape. The students then drew symbols on the feather that represented specific parts of their identity. Using all of the feathers, created by all of the students, we are creating  larger-than-life raven wings on the wall near the entrance of the Lower School. This will serve as a reminder that:

“TOGETHER … We Will Soar!”

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It was another great day to be a RAVEN!

Special thank you to our Lower School Diversity and Inclusion Committee for making this day possible.



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